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Exam organisers, registrations, dates and places, exam practices at the Open University.
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In general the registration for open university exams takes place in Aimo-service. For open university students it is recommended to log in with Aimo username and password.

You have the right to take part in all exams which are mentioned in the course description (usually 3 exams/course). The payment of a book exam concerns only one exam. Exam results can be found in WebOodi, and sometimes also on MyCourses course page.

Students in need of alternative arrangements for disability or health reasons must contact the examination organiser avoin(at)aalto.fi in the beginning of the course. More information about individual study arrangements.

Exams are offered either by Open University (Open University evening courses) or by Aalto University Schools/Language Centre (degree courses)

Information about exams arranged in March, April and May 2020:

Aalto Learning Services are planning different types of exam arrangements.

Open University evening exams: Please check the MyCourses for updates in your course.

Exams on degree courses: Please follow the information updated in Into

How can I check the organiser of the course?

  • You can find the organiser in the course description.
  • In Aimo service the name of the exam offered by the Open University starts with Open Uni (in Finnish Avoin yo).
  • Codes of the courses offered by the Open University begin with big A (e.g.A21A00110 and ALC-2001are codes of the Open University courses. The same courses offered by degree studies are 21A00110 and LC-2001.)
  • Some courses have an EXAM- electronic examination software in use. For more information see under EXAM


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