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  • Teaching methods are subjected to changes in courses which are lectured between March 17 and December 31.  Instructions for how courses will operate and be taught are being put on the MyCourses workspace for each course as soon as alternative completion methods are introduced. Please follow Aalto University pages for information about the corona situation.
  • Find the course that suits you best. You can search for courses according to field, topic, term and implementation method.
  • The course menu allows you to find the Open University routes for pursuing business or technology studies. We also have courses suitable for high school students. These can also be found from the course menu options.
  • You can find here Autumn 2020, Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 courses. The course descriptions are also available at Studyinfo. Spring 2021 courses are published during October.


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How to study at Open University

Read more how to study at Open University

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Registration, payments and rules

How to register for Open University courses, paying the fees, cancelation policy and rules of conduct

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Open University contact details

Click for contact details for Open University services and personnel.

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