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Registration, payments and rules

Read our instructions on how to register for Open University courses, and about fees and rules.
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Registration for Open University courses is done in the Sisu service. Previous registration to Sisu is not needed. More detailed instructions on how to register can be found below

The course fee is paid upon registration and it is binding. Therefore, it is good to familiarize yourself with registration and payment rules as well as other guidelines for students. 

Registration periods and links to registration are given in each course description. It is not possible to register before the registration period has started or after it has ended. Students for Open University courses are selected in the order of registration. 

Course registration

Course registration is done at Aimo, if the course starts before May 2023. Course registration for courses starting in May 2023 or later is done at Sisu. Please follow the instructions below to register.

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Aalto user ID, student information systems and student communication at the Open University

With your Aalto user ID you can log in to Aalto’s information systems and learning environments, and use the internal services of the university.

Aalto University Open University
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Aalto University Open University

Open University courses are open to everyone regardless of background or age. Open University offers individual courses in Business, Technology, Languages, and Art and Design. Students are admitted to individual courses in the order of registration.

Open University contact details

Click here for contact details for Open University services and personnel.

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