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Exam organisers, registration, rules, dates and locations
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Open University courses have three types of examinations: classroom exams, ‘EXAM’ e-exams, and remote exams. The type of examination as well as exam times and locations can be found in the course descriptions. 

Students have the right to take the course exams for which they have registered. There are usually 2 to 3 exams per course. Book examinations are subject to a fee and may be taken only once per fee. Examination times can be found in the course description or the MyCourses pages for the course. Exam results are saved in the student information system Sisu, and sometimes they are also published on MyCourses.

Exams are organised either by the Open University (Open University evening courses) or by Aalto University Schools or Language Centre (degree courses). Some course examinations may also be held as EXAM e-exams using the EXAM system or as some form of remote exam, the details of which are provided by the course concerned.

Please read instructions on how to register for exams below. If you have difficulties registering to take an exam, contact [email protected]

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Study places and access control

Welcome to Aalto Campus! Find information how to access study places on the campus.

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Results, certificates and transcripts of records

Find out where you can find the results of your Open University courses and exams and how you can order certificates and transcripts of records of your studies at the Open University.

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Open University exam halls

Open University exam halls are located in the Undergraduate Centre Building (Kandidaattikeskus), street address: Otakaari 1, Espoo. You can enter the exam hall 30 minutes after the official commencement of the exam at the latest. You can leave the exam earliest 35 minutes after the official commencement of the exam. Please note that changes to halls are possible.

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Open University contact details

Click here for contact details for Open University services and personnel.

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