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Results, certificates and transcripts of records

Find out where you can find the results of your Open University courses and exams and how you can order certificates and transcripts of records of your studies at the Open University.

You can find the results of exams and courses in Sisu (you need a valid Aalto user ID to log in). Teachers have four weeks time to grade a course or an exam.

Please note that in July the grade registration is on summer break. Please be prepared to wait for a few weeks more to get your grades in the register.

Transcripts of records and other certificates

  • In Sisuyou can download an official, electronic transcript of records of your Open University studies certified by Aalto University, please see the instructions. For this you need a valid Aalto user ID, and for that reason we recommend that you download your transcript straight after the grades have been registered. Open University Office is not able to download official electronic transcripts for their students, only transcripts in paper form that will be delivered by post. An electronic transcript is a PDF document equipped with a digital signature to confirm its authenticity and integrity. The digital signature replaces handwritten signatures and stamps. The electronic transcript should be a valid alternative in all situations where signed and stamped paper transcripts are used.
  • If you no longer have a valid Aalto user ID, please contact [email protected] If you want a transcript of records of studies completed in the Aalto University Schools as degree studies, please send email to [email protected] If you need an official transcript (with ink stamp and signature), it will be sent to you in paper form by post. Open University Office is not able to download digitally signed pdf-transcripts for their students. Orders will be processed within a week.
  • In case you need a certificate of course enrolments, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] Requests will be processed within a week.
  • If you have completed the required courses of a minor, please contact the Open University office at [email protected] Minor studies will be registered by a separate procedure, and you will receive a transcript of records once the minor has been registered.
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