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Results, certificates and transcripts of records


You can find the results of exams and courses in WebOodi (you need a valid Aalto username to login).

Please note that in July the grade registration is on summer break. Please be prepared to wait for a few weeks more to get your grades in the register.

In WebOodi you can also download an official electronic transcript of records certified by Aalto University. An electronic transcript is a PDF document equipped with a digital signature to confirm its authenticity and integrity. The digital signature replaces handwritten signatures and stamps. The electronic transcript should be a valid alternative in all situations where signed and stamped paper transcripts are used.

  • If you don't have a valid Aalto username, you can request a stamped transcript of records of your studies at the Open University from the Open University office by filling in the ordering form. Orders will be processed in a week. If you want a transcript of records of studies completed in the Aalto University Schools, please send email to [email protected]
  • In case you need a certificate of course enrollments, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected]. Requests will be processed in a week.
  • If you have completed the required courses of a minor, please contact the Open University office at [email protected] Minor studies will be registered by a separate procedure, and you will receive a transcript of records once the minor has been registered.



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