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Quick guide to studying at the Open University

Read here how your studies at the Open University will proceed, from choosing your course to receiving your final grade.
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In addition to this quick guide, you can read our detailed instructions on studying here.

What is the Open University and who can be a student?

The Aalto University Open University is open to everyone regardless of age or educational background. Aalto’s Open University allows you to take individual courses in science, art, technology and business. We also offer language and communication studies. 

At the start, its good to think about your own goals. Do you want to take individual courses, complete a study module, or eventually become a degree student at Aalto University through the Open University route?

There are three terms: autumn (September–December), spring (January–May) and summer (May–August). Each term has a different registration period (starting in August for the autumn term, in November–December for the spring term and in April for the summer term). You may start your studies during any term. You register for each course separately and can do so for as long as there is space left until the last registration day, as stated in the course description.

Who can study at the Open University?How to get started with your studies at Aalto University’s Open University: 

  1. Think about your goals. You can take individual Open University courses, complete a minor subject module or (for students speaking Finnish/swedish) apply to become degree student based on the Open University . Please note that open university route is not available in English. 
  2. See the  registration instructions and the payment rules.
  3. Read the course description(s) carefully and register accordingly as instructed.
  4. Activate your Aalto user account and begin using multifactor authentication.
  5. For details, see instructions for students and read the examination guidelines. You can find course materials in the MyCourses workspace.
  6. Get to know the campus and activate your access card or token. You can search for and ask about course literature at the Aalto University Learning Centre’s library services.
  7. For course and examination results, use the Sisu student information system. There you can download your transcript of records. Remember to check within one month of the end of the course or exam that your results have been entered into the system. 

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Interested in Open University studies?

The Open University is for everyone. You can attend courses regardless of your age or background. You can take individual courses or complete an entire study module.

Aalto University Open University
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Studying at the Open University

On this page, you'll find detailed information about studying at the Open University.

Aalto University Open University
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Minor studies

At Aalto Open University you can complete minor studies

Aalto University Open University
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Registration, payments and rules

Read our instructions on how to register for Open University courses, and about fees and rules.

Aalto University Open University
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