Aalto ARTS' Communications Guide

Drupal support: update webpages and write content

Instructions for Drupal content management system to update aalto.fi pages. If you're having trouble logging in, please contact ARTS' communications team [email protected]

If you need help, just ask!

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Need help with your Drupal content?

There is an abundance of resources available to web editors at aalto.fi. Learn about online resources, trainings and meetups that will help you create great content.

Drupal: Aalto.fi website
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General writing guidelines for articles in English

How to write and edit English-language press releases and news.

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Components: how to create content for aalto.fi?

Get to know the aalto.fi components for creating versatility and visuality when delivering your content.

Harald Herlin Learning Centre, a view from the second floor to downstairs reading area. Photo by Aalto University / Tuomas Uusheimo

FAQ on aalto.fi and Drupal

Find answers to some commonly asked questions regarding aalto.fi and its content management system Drupal.

Drupal: Aalto.fi website

Beginners guide, instructions and helpful tips

All Drupal instructions

This page compiles all Drupal instructions. Drupal is the content management system of the aalto.fi website.

Illustration that shows how aalto.fi is built on independent hubs and pages and doesn't have a hierarchy.

Beginner's guide to Drupal

This guide is a portal to instructional content for new editors at aalto.fi.

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Best practices for Drupal beginners

New at Drupal and having trouble designing a good-looking page? Look no further! Here are some best practices for creating content at aalto.fi.

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How to create an event at aalto.fi

Event pages offer a set of functionalities to help you address all the necessary information to users.

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News: publish on aalto.fi

Easy steps on how to create a news article on aalto.fi.

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Translations: all language versions in one place

Instructions on how to translate your content.

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Image and media components for aalto.fi

There are several ways to display images and media at aalto.fi. Learn more about the media slider, gallery and video component.

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Text components for aalto.fi

There are a few different ways to display actual text at aalto.fi. Learn the difference between a quote and a highlight.

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Video tutorials: aalto.fi

Aalto.fi tutorials on one page. Learn, e.g. how to create an article, event, how to utilise tagging, and what are liftups.

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