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The Aalto University Brand Library provides you with guidelines and templates for using our visual identity correctly in your materials, and a link to logos. Material bank (Haka login) is used for creating official communications, branding, and marketing materials. It's a handy source for photos for e.g. your presentations.

Brand Library

The university Brand Library provides guidelines and assets for using Aalto University’s visual identity in your own documents and materials.

Tool to ease your work
White 3D logo with an exclamation mark resting against the end of a white bench next to a foot path by the sea. Photo by Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

Material Bank

The material bank, and its contents, are for creating official Aalto University communications, branding and marketing materials. The tool is for university's communications professionals, communications’ subcontractors in specific projects, employees, and external cooperators.

Haka login for ease of access
A white, 80 cms high 3D logo with capital A and an exclamation mark to the right of it. The logo is standing in the sunshine on a beach with the sea and some seagrass behind it. Picture by Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen


Download Aalto University's logos at the logo generator service.

University and school logos
Aalto-yliopiston logo
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