Instructions for writing news on cooperation

Utilise tips and write an interesting story about a new agreement or donation
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What is a cooperation story?

It’s a story that tells about a cooperation project, agreement, or donation that is of significance for the university.


The news headline condenses the key message in the item and reveals the actors or parties, using the active voice. Mentioning of Aalto University is ok if you consider there to be a good reason as the news will be published on the website. In a media release, the name of Aalto University is written out in its entirety.

Lead paragraph

The lead paragraph supplements the headline and briefly gives further information.

Body text

Give a clear description of the content and target of the agreement or donation and describe what significance this has for the university. You may also mention some interesting details on the content of research conducted at Aalto in the field in question.

Include comments from both the cooperative partner/donor and a representative of Aalto University, especially when extensive cooperation projects or large donations are involved as comments from the top management are needed.

Further information

At the end, add the contact information of the person at Aalto University who is responsible for the cooperation.


For the main artwork, it is preferable to use an illustration, unless there is the availability of suitable photo by a professional photographer with a signed cooperative agreement. In any case, you may use a shot from the event as an additional illustration in the body text, or after it. Remember also to identify the persons in the caption.

See further instructions on writing a news item.

Check one example of a news item on cooperation.

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