Good Practices for work-life relevant teaching

Teaching Lab collects and presents Good Practices for future-proof and work-life relevant education! We want to encourage and inspire education practitioners in integrating work-life connections and competences into teaching. On this constantly evolving site you will find tools, methods, resources, and examples of courses that enhance work-life relevance in teaching.
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What are Good Practices?

Teaching Lab's idea of a Good Practice is a scalable and transferable resource, tool, method, or course example which promotes students' work-life connections and competences.

This page is divided into two sections:

  • BUILD.
    Practical tools, methods, and resources.
    Examples of other work-life relevant courses, programs, and platforms from Aalto.


Would you like to share your Good Practice with Aalto community? Contact us or give your valuable input here!


Below, we have three practical categories: tools, methods, and resources. Each category contains linked material for education practitioners to be used in designing work-life relevant teaching!


Here, we lift brilliant courses, programs, and platforms from Aalto as examples that integrate work-life competences and connections to teaching. Is there something essential missing? Give us a hint!

Personal Impact hero page logo

Personal Impact

Personal Impact brings to light already existing courses in Aalto University on values and meaningfulness, self-leadership, societal impact, human potential and well-being.

Study at Aalto
Opiskelijoita työskentelemässä Design Factorylla

Aalto University Design Factory

Design Factory serves all Aalto University schools by providing an experimental co-creation platform for interdisciplinary learning

Aalto Global Impact

Aalto Global Impact

We promote and facilitate Aalto University’s research and education for global sustainable development.

Students doing group work

Information Technology Program (ITP)

Aalto University Information Technology Program (ITP) is a minor program (24 ECTS) that is completed during the summer period (3 months). It brings students together from diverse backgrounds and all around the world to solve digital business problems. ITP 2022 dates are 30.5. - 2.9.2022.

School of Business
Student Business Project 2

Study Projects

In study projects, students solve real-life cases together with companies and other organisations.

Corporate collaboration
School of Business International Design Business Management

IDBM Capstone: Industry Project

The 'IDBM Capstone: Industry Project' programme is a joint teaching and research platform of all schools of Aalto University.

Corporate collaboration

Aalto Ventures Program (external link)

The program prepares students for high-growth entrepreneurship through top-level education and curricular activities.

Students meeting at Aalto University

Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning in Real Estate Economics

Urbanization is a global force that determine the future of societies, as most of society's key challenges are met in cities. Cities provide enormous economic, technical and cultural opportunities, but are also stages for social conflicts and segregation, as well as environmental and health problems. No discipline or profession can tackle challenges of this magnitude alone - urban development requires collaboration.

Study options
Students riding bikes in front of the Aalto University Väre building, photo by Unto Rautio

Digital Business Master Class

Digital Business Master Class is a challenge-based course with a focus on digital technologies as tools for building businesses.

Study at Aalto
An image with different kinds of biochemical compounds printed on paper, colorful

CHEMARTS – New dimensions for the forest

CHEMARTS arranges multidisciplinary study courses and a Summer School for degree students, thesis projects, and workshops for elementary and high school students. It also participates in externally funded research projects.

School of Chemical Engineering
PdP_functional prototype of a 3D body scanner

PDP - Product Development Project

In PDP, a multidisciplinary group of Master’s students mainly from fields of engineering, industrial design and business tackle challenges aiming to a functioning prototype.

Corporate collaboration
Student Business projects, photo by Mark Rujumba

SGT - Sustainable Global Technologies Studio Course

SGT – Sustainable Global Technologies Studio is a project-based course for Master’s and Doctoral students at Aalto University.

Corporate collaboration
APV Summer School 2018

Aalto Ventures Program Summer Course - Creating Multidimensional Experiences

A unique summer course organized by AVP and Flow Festival!

Aalto University / Energy Garage

Energy Garage

The Garage is a place where you can discuss, educate, build, test, interact, and have fun in energy subjects. Energy industries and companies have shown positive interest in this and collaborative arrangements are likely to emerge.

Aalto University Energy Science Initiative
Detail from Mechatronics Circus


Protocamp is a summer course of the School of Electrical Engineering where students of Technology and Arts build prototypes in teams.

Corporate collaboration
Student Business projects

Global IDBM Industry Project

Master’s students from fields of design, engineering & business form interdisciplinary teams to work on real-life product and service innovation challenges proposed by partner companies.

Corporate collaboration

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