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Protocamp (Protopaja) - is a summer course of the School of Electrical Engineering. Students of Technology and Arts build prototypes in teams, the team size depending on the topic. Most students do their bachelor level studies in electrical engineering, computer science or mechanical engineering, but the course can be taken in the master's level as well. Multicultural multidiscipline groups are preferred and encouraged. The tasks are given by our client companies.
Detail from Mechatronics Circus

The course takes place in Electrical Engineering Workshop in TUAS, Maarintie 8, where we have electronics components, 3D-printers, a laser cutter, and other tools available. More components and tools are acquired when needed. We have also short teaching sessions to learn relevant techniques. The client companies get a motivated student group and assistance from the teachers to solve technical problems innovatively and to further develop ideas.

Course details

  • Contact: Salu Ylirisku, [email protected]
  • Duration of the project: 3 months (June – August), 10ECTS
  • Number of students per project: 2 - 6
  • Project fee for the company: 1000€ +VAT
  • Application period for companies: March - Until May 25th
  • Website (in Finnish):
Beibamboolle suunniteltu lapsen elintoimintoja mittaava ranneke

Wristband developed in Protocamp course may prevent cot death by monitoring a child's vital functions

Beibamboo manufactures practical clothing for small children, such as premature babies. The company commissioned the students to produce a smart garment, which could, for example, help prevent cot death. Students designed and built a wristband measuring, for instance, a child's heart rate for home and hospital use.

Student business projects

A robotic arm, which can grab fragile objects firmly without breaking them

Students produced a prototype for Futurice. The company gave them ideas and suggestions for solving the problems we encountered, as well as a few parts, but otherwise freedom to construct the prototype.

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