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Information Technology Program (ITP)

Aalto University Information Technology Program (ITP) brings students together from diverse backgrounds and all around the world to solve digital business problems. ITP enables students to combine business, design and technological perspectives, making it an ever-changing and valuable education module. ITP prepares students for a future of data-driven and evidence-based decision making in the digital economy.
  • Gain valuable project work experience in international multi-disciplinary teams
  • Expand your professional network and get to work with real-life digital challenges that companies face
  • Improve your unique skill-set and gain confidence to lead in tomorrow’s digital world
  • Master approaches that enable you to operate effectively in the global business environment

Three specialization tracks

Deepen your understanding of information technologies, service design and digital platforms within one of the specialisation tracks.

ITP in numbers

Information Technology Program (ITP) / Established in 1995

Established in 1995.

25 years of business, design and tech talent at Aalto University. 

Information Technology Program (ITP) / 3 tracks

Specialization tracks

Deepen your understanding of information technologies, service design and digital platforms.

Information Technology Program (ITP) / 24 ECTS in total

24 ECTS in total

Complete your minor study module during the summer and gain valuable project work experience. 

Information Technology Program (ITP) / 16 projects in 2018

Amount of business projects in 2018

We collaborate yearly with big companies, governmental, and municipal organisations to solve digital challenges.

FAQ: Information Technology Program

Meet the ITP team

Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula

Information Technology Program (ITP)
Head of Summer School

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Information Technology Program (ITP)

Information Technology Program (ITP)

Complete 24 ECTS over the summer, solve real-life digital business challenges, and gain a unique skillset in information technologies, digital platforms or service design. Aalto ITP is an international and multi-disciplinary summer program taught at the School of Business.


FAQ: Information Technology Program

We have collected some useful answers to frequently asked questions. They are divided into two sections based on their relevance: FAQs that most likely interest Students/Applicants, and FAQs that more likely interest Collaborating Companies.

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Orion drone delivery

Student teams consulted Orion on the implementation of drone delivery for pharmaceutical products

The project was a collaboration between ITP and Orion which resulted in Finland's first pharmaceutical drone delivery flight.

Kuvassa kolmihenkinen opiskelijatiimi.

A team of students designed a user-centric dashboard for Bank of Finland IT

The ITP project was a part of the Bank of Finland’s IT transition process.

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