Laura Sivula
Information Technology Program (ITP)

Laura Sivula

Head of Summer School

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"If you can't convince them confuse them."


Learning Challenge Aalto is one of Aalto University’s four joint strategic development initiatives in the area of teaching and learning. The goal is to help teaching faculty at Aalto University to create and develop scalable teaching concepts in the form of courses, which have integrated real life challenges involved. The initiative also aims to improve students’ work life capabilities and employability in general.

Challenge-based learning is a mindset - for teachers and students equally

Aalto students need to stay competitive in the local and global labour market. We can build the competitiveness with a change of mindset, focused on engaging students in work life during their studies and encouraging them to solving real life challenges. Challenge-based learning builds on the practices of inquiry-based learning, design-based learning, problem-based learning and project-based learning - all of which we already have some experience and know-how at Aalto University. The next step is to bring challenge-based learning to all schools and every program, with a stronger focus on designing, testing, experimenting and collaboration.

The most defining characteristic of challenge-based learning is its relevance to students

At the center of challenge-based learning is a call to action that inspires students to take responsibility and ownership of learning and making something happen. Students are encouraged to research their topic, brainstorm strategies and concepts, which build up to solutions that address the challenge in ways which are relevant to their selves and the society as a whole. The strength of challenge-based learning is that it is tangible for students and helps them understand the theories they are learning at Aalto University.

The future is made today

Educating game changers is at the heart of teaching at Aalto University. Our global competitiveness lies in the intersection of technology, business, art and design - bringing together students in multidisciplinary ways and with a focus on entrepreneurship. Challenge-based learning is the next big leap for the Aalto community, in order to bridge the skills gap and make sure that our students are those creating value and taking responsibility of the world they build.

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