Services and trainings to support self-leadership

By developing self-leadership skills, each of us can improve one's own wellbeing at work and ability to face changing working life challenges better.
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Self-leadership's four-field aims to create Aalto University's framework for the whole of self leadership and describe the entirety so that it helps to structure and consider selfleadership skills and supports their development in the changing working life.

Self-leadeship is based on self-knowledge/awareness, and it is therefore important to identify one's own personality features, motivation factors and strengths and development targets. In addition, it is necessary to recognize own goals in work life and oneself as part of a work community. Self-knowledge can be developed for example by reflecting own thinking and working methods and by asking feedback from colleagues about own performance, strengths and development targets.

Self-leadership is a multi-dimensional entity that can be structured and described in different ways. In this model, the entity has been described from the point of view of work life and of the support provided by  Aalto University.

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Below are listed services and trainings to support self leadership skills and areas

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Self-leadership and career planning trainings in Workday Learning (external link)

You will find self-leadership and career planning trainings in Workday Learning -application

Human Resource (HR) services contact details

Contact details to Human Resources (HR) services for Joint University services as well as for HR units at Schools and Departments.

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