Secure connection and authenticating user's identity

To add or change your bank details in Workday you need both a secure connection and an application to confirm your identity. A secure network connection is also possible on personal computer. Multifactor authentication is required in Workday when editing or adding bank details. You can add or update your banking details only when you have a valid employment contract: new employees can add their banking details from first day of work.
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Secure connection

Secure connection means that your computer is connected via Aalto's network that is protected against online attacks and sensitive data transfer interceptions. Adding and editing bank account details in Workday is blocked in other than Aalto network connections. Secure connection is possible via:

  1. Aalto's computer in Aalto's encrypted Network within the campus area (VPN-connection is required outside of campus)

  2. Own device: use the Virtual Desktop to ensure a secure connection outside campus. Follow the instructions, open a browser inside the virtual desktop and login to Workday.

Re-sign in to Workday after making the secure connection.

Identity authentication

Once you are signed into Workday via secure connection, you are able to add and edit your bank details. In addition, once you click add/edit, you will be asked to authenticate the change of bank details on a separate app.

Download Microsoft Authenticator -app in either App Store or Google Play.

You will need to do the application set up only once. After the set up is done, you will receive push notifications on the app where you can either approve or deny the access.

Privileged session - additional authentication is required - press ok
Press OK

Proceed to establish a privileged session.

More information needed for autentication - press Next
Press next

Check the account information and proceed.

Download the app - press next
Download the app to your mobile device (or laptop)

Download the Microsoft Authenticator -application to your mobile phone or laptop. Once the download is complete, press Next.

Valitse tilisi sovelluksessa
Connect the app to your account

Add your account to the app you just downloaded and choose either Work or school account. Allow notifications.

Skannaa QR koodi näytöllä (puhelimen) sovelluksella
Scan the QR code

Scan the QR code on the app you just downloaded (phone camera). Press "Can't scan image" if needed and follow instructions.

Hyväksy tai hylkää kirjautuminen
Deny or Allow

This is the push notification. Either Deny or Allow the sign in attempt.

In addition, in the opening Security info view, we strongly recommend that you add an additional authentication method, e.g. a SMS code authentication. This is critical in case you e.g. change phones or lose your phone.

If you're unable to download the app, IT has gatherered alternative instructions

Multifactor Authentication (MFA, 2FA)

Why we use MFA at Aalto and instructions for starting to use MFA.

More instructions:

Processing of personal data - Staff

The reasons why and situations where we process your personal data

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