Services - How to use Aalto Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

You can access an Aalto virtual workstation from your own device from anywhere with VMware Horizon.

Quick Guide requires MFA authentication starting from 5 May 2021

Go to 

Install VMware Horizon Client and add server named

Log in using your Aalto username and password. (external link)

Log in using your Aalto username and password.


Method 1 - Use VMware Horizon client (recommended)


Aalto Windows: Vmware Horizon client is installed on all Windows workstations.

Aalto Mac: Install VMware Horizon Client from Managed Software Center

Aalto Ubuntu: Primary user may install Vmware Horizon client with command "pkcon install vmware-horizon-client". After this Horizon Client may be launched with command "vmware-view".

Other devices: You can install VMware Horizon client for your operating system from


Start using

  • Open VMware Horizon Client
  • Server name:
  • Log in using your Aalto username and password.

Method 2 - Use VMware Horizon HTML Access


⚠️  Known issues

  • Does not work with old Edge.

The HTML Access version has almost all the same features as the Horizon client.

  1. Go to

  2. Select VMware Horizon HTML Access.

  3. Type your Aalto username and password and click Login.

4. Select Ubuntu or Windows 10. (This guide continues with Windows 10.)




5. After you selected Windows 10, wait for few minutes and your desktop is set up for you. Below in this picture you can see the left side of one users desktop.




6. You can work normally as long as you need to. Your documents/changes are saved to your home directory.


7. When you are done, sign out

  1. from the Windows flag > Your account > Sign out.
  2. from the side drawer (green arrow points to it). Click it and choose Ctrl+Alt+Delete selector and Sign out.

8. If your session gets locked by screen saver you can unlock it from Ctrl+Alt+Delete selector.

vmware unlock



9. Log out from VMware Horizon HTML Access: Open menu and Log out.

vmware logout



If I close the VMware window instead of logging out, does it free the VDI computer?

No. The computer is reserved but concurrent license freed. Unused sessions will be automatically closed after 24 hours.

How to get software on VDI workstations?

These virtual VDI workstations are not personal or persistent. Users cannot install software there, and they are frequently reset since they are clones of master workstations. Software is installed by request from the same automated deployments that are used for classrooms and centrally managed staff and faculty workstations. Some software cannot be installed on VDI due to licensing limitations. Requests for getting more software on VDI should generally come from staff and faculty. See:

Are Adobe programs available on VDI computers?

Yes, but due to licensing restrictions only for Aalto staff. Read more here:

Is it always on full screen? Where to find screen, sound etc. settings?

Alt+F = Full screen toggle on/off

Top of the screen → View Options

Android client is complaining about the certificate.

This is a known issue. Android platform does not recognize Digicert certificate.

Is customized desktop coming?

We are planning this. The schedule is open due to technical limitation.

Can this be used also for exams?

Not yet.

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