Wireless Network at Aalto

Aalto University has three wireless networks available.
  1. aalto

    • encrypted network with an Aalto user ID
    • an internal network aimed at students and staff members
    • automatic connection with an Aalto workstation
    • access to the same services as through Aalto’s wired network
  2. eduroam

    • encrypted network
    • a network for the international, academic roaming system
    • the same user ID can be used for an international log-in to eduroam
    • users can even log in with user IDs of partner universities
    • if you have an Aalto laptop, the eduroam setting should be predefined.
    • To use eduroam on a personal laptop, download eduroam installer here:
  3. aalto open

    • unencrypted network
    • no log-in required, a network that is completely
    • open to everyone


    Networks's name aalto eduroam aalto open
    Target group
    • staff
    • students
    • researchers
    • staff
    • students
    • visitors
    Encryption yes yes no
    Indentification with an Aalto ID or workstation log-in
    • With an Aalto ID or the ID of an eduroam partner university
    • The IDs are also eglible for international log-in to eduroam

    open network, no identification



    Aalto IT provides three wireless networks through its centralized system of wireless networks: aalto that is directed at staff members (SSID: aalto), eduroam (SSID: eduroam), and aalto open that is aimed at visitors (SSID: aalto open).

    There is no need to log in to the aalto network when an Aalto workstation is used. Users can access all the same services from this network as from Aalto’s wired data communication network. Users can also log in to the network with a personal device, but in such case some of Aalto’s services are not available. When using a personal device, the aalto network corresponds to aalto open, but with encryption.

    eduroam is an international service that offers visitors a secure network connection, free of charge, with identification for their own home organisation.


    Access to the aalto network is restricted to those who have a workstation in centralized maintenance at Aalto, or an Aalto ID and password.
    Access to the eduroam network is restricted to those who have a valid Aalto ID and password or a user ID from another university in the eduroam network.
    Access to the aalto open network is open to everyone, but users must agree to comply with the terms of use.


    If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

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    Remote connection to Aalto's network - VPN

    People at Aalto, i.e. those with an Aalto user ID, can connect their devices to Aalto University’s network outside of the network, by means of the AnyConnect VPN service. This helps them, for example, use the network’s internal services and read files stored on Aalto’s network disk

    This service is provided by:

    IT Services

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