Preventing harassment and inappropriate conduct

According to Aalto's Code of Conduct, equality, impartiality and mutual respect are the basic principles for the entire Aalto community. As an essential part of Aalto's Code of Conduct are the instructions and models for preventing harassment and inappropriate conduct.
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Aalto University aims to be a community where everyone feels safe to work and study and everyone is appreciated and treated with respect. Hence we do not accept any kind of inappropriate conduct, bullying or sexual harassment in Aalto University. If you experience harassment or inappropriate conduct, do not hesitate to take action and ask for help: support is available, and Aalto has clear shared principles and processes for handling these situations. All members of the Aalto community are for their part responsible for the atmosphere and well-being in their workplace and studying community.

Harassment and inappropriate behavior can be defined as irresponsible and illegal repeated conduct that is against good manners and, if continuous, may endanger an employee's mental or physical health. It is the employer's duty to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for its employees and to take immediate action in case harassment or inappropriate conduct occurs (Occupational Safety and Health Act).

In all cases and with all questions you can contact Aalto's harassment contact persons [email protected] and [email protected] The harassment contact persons can be contacted confidentially and they do not proceed your case without your permission. Their role is to support and help the person who has experienced harassment or inappropriate behaviour or seen/witnessed it.

    "We behave in a responsible manner and respect the rights of the other members of our community"

    Code of Conduct

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    1. Aalto University’s harassment contact persons: Anne Petroff [email protected] and Mikael Henny [email protected]
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    6. OSH manager: [email protected]
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    Code of Conduct

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    Code of Conduct

    The Aalto Code of Conduct summarises the principles of fair play and integrity that govern our activities and sets out guidelines for the kind of behaviour that we expect of each other. It is based on Aalto’s values and establishes a common operational culture.

    Aalto University

    Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Aalto University

    Kuvassa eri-ikäisiä ja erimaalaisia ihmisiä työskentelemässä yhdessä. Kuva: Aleksi Poutanen

    Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Aalto

    We aim to provide a non-discriminatory, gender-equal and accessible environment in which employees and students with diverse backgrounds and duties receive equal treatment and are free to participate without discrimination in university activities.

    Aalto University
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