Aalto University Records Management Services

Aalto University Records Management Services are responsible the life-cycle process for the university’s documents, media and other outputs. They provide tools and procedures for managing documents and other data within different systems, and maintain the university’s records management plan (TOS).

Records Management Services are also responsible for the day to day operations of the university’s Records Management System (SAHA), registering university's official documents, and for the long-term preservation and archiving of university's teaching and research outputs and other activities.
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Aalto University Archives

The Archives services are responsible for the long-term preservation and digitisation of official documents, media and other outputs produced by the university, information services related to the archive collections and for issuing instructions on records management and archiving procedures.
The archives' website contains information on collections, services and activities.

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The Registry services are responsible for registering university's official documents to the Records Management System SAHA and information services related to official documents.



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Aalto Sign - Electronic Signing Service

Aalto University uses an electronic signing service Aalto Sign. All university employees can send documents for signing through the service, and all Aalto employees as well as anyone outside Aalto University can sign documents sent from the service. The service is provided by Sarake Oy.



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Records Management Plan TOS

Aalto University Records Management Plan (tiedonohjaussuunnitelma) TOS is a set of guidelines for registration, handling, and retention of Aalto University's documents and comparable data. The Records Management Plan contains detailed information on handling, registration, publicity and retention of University's documents and data.


Aalto University Registry

Email: [email protected]
Tel. +358 50 406 1141

Aalto University Archives

Email: [email protected]
Tel. +358 50 596 9639

Street address: Otakaari 1B, Espoo
Postal address: P.O. Box 11000, 00076 AALTO

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Records Management Services

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