The Registry services are responsible for registering university's official documents to the Records Management System SAHA and information services related to official documents.

Recording implements the principle of public access while ensuring that the information can be found. The Act on the Openness of Government Activities 621/1999 requires officials to “maintain an index of any matters submitted and taken up for consideration and any matters considered and decided, or otherwise ensure that the public documents can be easily located”.

Documents are registered according to items: a new item is created for each handling process in the electronic records management system and each item has its unique identifier (reference number). All documents related to the same item are registered under the same reference number.

Aalto University reference number, i.e. item, consists of consecutive number, number of the item group and the year of initiation.

The registered item groups are listed in the Aalto University’s Records Management Plan (tiedonohjaussuunnitelma TOS). For more information please contact the Registry.

Requesting a reference number from the Registry

The reference number is requested from the Registry by e-mail. Essential information related to the item is mentioned in the email (for example title of the document and possible additional information on the content of the document), related school (or unit) and the preparer of the item.

Annual reference numbers are created for the schools for some item groups. These reference numbers are provided to the school’s head of service in question.

Archiving of registered documents

Documents created with the Administrative Decisions Form are recorded automatically to the electronic document and records management system SAHA. Documents prepared in other ways are sent to the Registry by email. Documents that are retained on paper for the present (for example contracts) are sent to the registry to be archived (P.O. Box 11000).

Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Visiting address: Otakaari 1 B, Espoo

Mailing address: Aalto University, Registry, P.O. Box 11000, 00076 AALTO

Aalto University Archives image collections contain negatives

Aalto University Archives

The Archives services are responsible for the long-term preservation and digitisation of official documents, media and other outputs produced by the university, information services related to the archive collections and for issuing instructions on records management and archiving procedures.
The archives' website contains information on collections, services and activities.

This service is provided by:

Records Management Services

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