The Registry is responsible for the registration of official documents created or arriving at the University (reference number) at the electronic document and records management system SAHA and the distribution and archiving of arriving documents.

Recording/registration refers to the registration of matters handled by the University and related documents in the University's electronic document and records management system SAHA. Registration makes it possible to keep track of how matters are processed and follow their progression from emergence to interim measures, and final action.

Recording implements the principle of public access while ensuring that the information can be found. The Act on the Openness of Government Activities (21 May 1999/621) requires officials to ‘maintain an index of any matters submitted and taken up for consideration and any matters considered and decided, or otherwise ensure that the public documents can be easily located’.

Recording practices at Aalto University

At the Registry, the University's official documents (incl. documents that arrive at the University), and the stages of handling matters related to documents are registered in the electronic document and records management system SAHA.

Documents are registered in the university's records in the form of topics, which means that a topic is opened in SAHA for the handling process so that all documents under the same topic are entered under the same reference number. For example a decision on a request for an appeal against a decision is recorded under the same reference number as the appeal, and a statement is entered under the same reference number as the request for an opinion.

The Aalto University Records Management Plan (tiedonohjaussuunnitelma TOS) has listed the items to be recorded according to assignment groups. The Records Management Plan was released in the spring of 2015. Further information is available at the Registry.

Requesting a reference number / topic entry from the Registry

A reference number / topic entry is requested from the Registry by e-mail, preferably already when the matter is in the preparatory phase. If possible, a draft of the document for which the reference number is requested should be attached to the e-mail. If the draft cannot be sent to the Registry, the key information related to the process should be mentioned in the e-mail: what the document is about (for example a dean's decision on student selection), the Aalto school (or unit) and the person preparing the matter.

The Aalto University reference number comprises the running number of the topic, the group number of the reference formula, and the year in which the matter emerged.

Archiving registered documents

Complete documents are delivered to the Registry by e-mail to be recorded in SAHA. Original signed documents (incl. decisions and agreements) are delivered, for now, on paper for archiving in the Register (BOX 11000).

This service is provided by:

Archive and Registry Services

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