Records Management Plan TOS

IN EDITING Aalto University Records Management Plan (tiedonohjaussuunnitelma) TOS is a set of guidelines for registration, handling, and retention of Aalto University's documents and comparable data. The Records Management Plan contains detailed information on handling, registration, publicity and retention of University's documents and data.
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The Records Management Plan meets the requirements set for officials by the Archives Act (831/1994) for an archive formation plan and also guides information that is stored in the University's electronic document and records management system (SAHA), while ensuring that the retention schedule is in accordance with good data management practice (Act on the Openness of Government Activities 621/1999).

Maintenance of the Records Management Plan is responsibility of the University's records management services. The Records Management Plan has been prepared together with the University's service organisations and process owners and any changes are agreed in cooperation with the owners of the processes.

The services are responsible for the retention of their own materials in a manner consistent with the Records Management Plan - either data stored in operative systems or documents stored in SAHA/other system indicated in TOS. Services are also responsible for delivering documents to the University Registry Office ([email protected]) to be stored in SAHA for long term or permanently.

Under a decision made by the Provost on 9 February 2016 the Aalto University Records Management Plan is applied retroactively to all material collected in accordance with the Records Management Plan from 1 January 2010 and to the extent that it is applicable, also to materials of the founding universities.

00. Strategy, management, and operative activities of Aalto University

Item group Contents Item group number
Legislative guidance and administrative governmental information   00.00
Strategic planning, goals Strategy, planning and operational goals, preparation of strategic measures, strategy discussions, negotiations between Aalto and MEC, granting funding 00.01
Operative planning and resourcing Economic planning and monitoring university activities, applying for special grants and awards for the university's operative activities 00.01.02
Organisational changes Deciding on the founding, shutting down, changing, and changing the name of the University, its schools, and other units, activities, or their equivalent. 00.01.03
Operational evaluations Annual report and closing of the accounts, following the strategy implementation, statistics, internal and external evaluations and accreditations, international rankings, the quality system, feedback from MEC. 00.01.05
University rules, directions, and instructions The constitution of the Aalto University Foundation, by-laws and regulations, instructions and regulations of the various services: learning services, research services, HR, finances, ITS and others. 00.01.06
University cooperation and agreements University cooperation and agreements. Includes cooperative agreements. 00.01.07
Societal activities Giving statements, representing the University in cooperative bodies 00.01.08
Delegation of powers Delegating the powers of the University and its schools, organising elections, selection and composition of the bodies, signature and approval practices 00.02
University level bodies' decision-making   00.03
School and departmental level bodies' decision-making   00.04

01. Organizing university’s joint services

Item group Contents Item group number
HR services

Agreeing on collective terms, establishment of positions, recruiting, releasing of positions, advancement on academic careers, academic honorary titles, payroll, travelling, occupational health care, occupational well-being, occupational safety, rewarding, staff training, equality issues, exchange programs of teachers and researchers, shop steward activity

Financial services

Taxes, accounting, procurement, insuring, funds and awarding grants

Legal issues

Criminal cases, controversial issues, administrative law cases, labor law, complaints, diciplinary cases, checking of registers, requests for information, data protection breaches


Campus and real estate services

Emergency planning and fire safety, managing real estate assets, building use, campus planning

IT services

Enterprise architecture, information security


Communications, marketing and event services

Brand development including university’s trademarks, internal and external communication, web communication, organizing events and happenings, agreement on audio-visual material use


Collections and publication activities

Library services, publication activities, records management and permanently stored archival and  object collections


Enhancement and maintenance  of alumni relations


02. Student services

Item group Contents Item group number
Student admission

Grounds and criteria, applying, entrance examinations, student admission, changes on rights to study and credit transfer


Planning of teaching, student guidance and social aspects of students

Teaching schedule and planning, planning of student’s studies, student and career psychologist services, corporate events for students, student union affairs, reports concerning student misconduct


Organizing of teaching and credits

Enrolling and participation, credits, rectification process, teaching materials, credit transfer


Degree awarding and other diplomas

Thesis and dissertation guidance and approval, rectification process, degrees awarded


Student financial aid

Tuition fees and other fees concerning studying


Projects and agreements concerning education ja university cooperation

Domestic and international cooperation on education and university student affairs, paid fixed education, education and learning projects, student projects, immaterial rights concerning teaching materials


Violations of responsible conduct of research


Organizing of student mobility and internships

Student exchange programs, domestic and international internships


Student affairs questionnaires and statistics


Continuous learning

Endorsed continuous learning, vocational qualification, pedagogical university training 02.09

03. Research and innovation services

Item group Contents Item group number

Research support services activities

Joint-funded research, contract research, research cooperation

Innovation services

Intellectual property rights, trademarks, entrepreneurship services


Business collaboration

Partnership support


Ethical review of research

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