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Jubilee Masters and Jubilee Doctors

The Jubilee masters and jubilee doctors, who were conferred 50 years ago, will be re-conferred at the ceremony. At this page you can jump into the 1971 School of Business Ceremonial Conferment day!
Mustavalkoisessa kuvassa vuonna 1971 promovoituja promovendejä rivissä Juhlasalin lavalla.
Promovendi from 1971 on the stage in the School of Business Assembly Hall. Picture Jyrki Wallenius.

The jubilee masters and jubilee doctors will receive their honorary titles at the conferment, organised 50 years after their original conferment ceremony. They play an important role at the conferment, representing continuity, wisdom and the academic heritage.

The Ceremonial Conferment of the School of Business in 1971 was held in the same Assembly Hall where the Act of Conferment will be held in 2022. There were only seven doctors to be conferred at that ceremony, but the conferrer rejoiced in the unexpectedly high number. 

The programme for the event was very similar to the programme in 2022: there was a Laurel Wreath Weaving event, Act of Conferment, Procession, Church Ceremony, Banquet, an after-party and a herring luncheon.

For more detailed description of the conferment in 1971, please see the Finnish page, which has a full account written by the conferrer in 1971.

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