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Events of the School of Business Ceremonial Conferment. The next conferment will be held in spring 2026, and its program will be announced later on this page.
Kuva vuoden 2022 promootion tansseista
Picture from the 2022 School of Business Ceremonial Conferment Ball.

The Ceremonial Conferment of the School of Business is a three-day celebration traditionally held in early May. The celebration typically takes place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The next conferment will be held in spring 2026, and its program will be announced later on this page.

Rehearsals and Laurel Wreath Weaving

The conferment events start with mandatory rehearsals for all promovendis, where they practice the procession and the Act of Conferment. After the rehearsals, Laurel Wreath Weaving, hosted by the parents of the Spirit of Mercury, will take place. In the Laurel Wreath Weaving, promovendis bind their leaves, and after that a buffet dinner takes place. In 2022, the event took place at the Aalto University Töölö.

 Act of Conferment

The Conferment Day begins with the Awarding of Master’s Diplomas, followed by the Act of Conferment. After the Act of Conferment, a procession is organized, leading to the Ecumenic Church Service and a non-denominational event. Traditionally, the Church Service is held at Temppeliaukio Church. The  Act of Conferment is traditionally held at the Aalto University Töölö festive hall.

Conferment Banquet and Ball

The Conferment Banquet and Ball invite not only the promovendi and their companions but also some invited guests, such as professors and university leadership, to celebrate the achievements. In 2022, the dinner took place at Kalastatorppa. After the dinner, there is a ball, and in 2022, the dances were performed to the rhythm of the Boston Promenade. The dances included Polonaise, Valse, Cicapo, Mignon, Pas de Quatre, and Lambeth Walk. After the official dances, informal dancing continues before the after-party. The official after-party in 2022 was held at Servin mökki in Otaniemi.

Gratista's/Gratist's Herring Luncheon

On the last day of the Ceremonial Conferment, the Gratistan/Gratist's Herring Luncheon is celebrated. This event marks a final celebration of the achievements together. In 2022, the Herring Luncheon took place at Kaivohuone.

Dance Rehearsals

In spring, before the festivities, separate dance rehearsals are organized to go through the dances that will be performed.

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