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The ceremonial conferment is a special, one of a kind experience for all participants. The next conferment will be held 2026.
Kuvassa valkoisiin pukeutuneita maisteripromovendejä jonossa
Picture from the 2011 School of Business Ceremonial Conferment

The Ceremonial Conferment of Degrees is the most traditional and festive celebration of all academic events. Masters and doctors graduated since the last conferment, as well as honorary doctors, jubilee doctors and jubilee masters will be conferred at the ceremonial conferment of 2026. We encourage all promovendi to gather your fellow students and come celebrate your achievements together in the most prestigious celebration of the academic community!

Alumni of the School of Business are by tradition entitled to participate in one conferment only, the first after their graduation. 

The 2026 conferment is open to all masters with graduation dates after 31 March 2022 and doctors with dates after 30 April 2022. An invitation by email and post will be sent to the alumni of this period during 2025. In addition to the young promovendi, the jubilee masters and jubilee doctors from the 1971 conferment ceremony are invited to the 2022 conferment.

Price and registration

Conferment is a three-day event series that includes multiple sub-events and meals. The participation fee for the event barely covers the participants' catering costs; the School of Business and the School of Business Support Foundation provide the rest of the content for the event. It is not possible to purchase tickets for one or two days of the conferment as promovendi are expected to participate in all three days of the conferment. 

Conferment is a paid event with a limited number of tickets. One can only participate in the conferment once, so it is advisable to register as soon as the registration opens. If desired, the promovendi can also register a companion. The exact participation fee will be announced later. In 2022, the participation fee was €250/person. The price includes a three-day celebration with meals and beverages.

Invitations will be sent in 2025. If you have not received an invitation during the year 2025, please contact the promotion office: [email protected].

Cancellation policy

The registrations are binding and non-refundable, except for the special cases mentioned below. 

If the organizers cancel the event due to expelling reasons, all registration fees will be refunded in full. 

The last registration date occurs well before the last possible graduation dates, and therefore the promovendi are expected to be able to plan their graduation in advance. We will also check the graduation dates of the registered promovendi. 

If it turns out that you are unable to graduate before the last graduation date and have already registered for the conferment, please inform us immediately. If we get the information by the graduation date, we can return the registration fee in full.

The registration fee can also be returned in the case of serious illness. In that event, please submit a copy of doctor's certificate. 

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