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The Ceremonial Conferment is the crown jewel of academic events at the School of Business. The first Ceremonial Conferment at the School of Business was held in 1946, the conferment of 2022 being the 16th in order. The next conferment will be celebrated in the spring of 2026.
Ceremonial conferment 2022
Kauppakorkeakoulun promootio 2022

The Ceremonial Conferment of the School of Business is a traditional and esteemed academic event. In the ceremony, the conferred doctors and masters are accepted as full members of the academic community according to tradition. Additionally, the School of Business confers honorary doctors, as well as jubilee masters and doctors. The conferment at the School of Business is a multi-day celebration that includes events such as the Laurel Wreath Weaving, the Act of Conferment, Conferment Procession, the Conferment dinner, and traditional academic dances. On the final day of the conferment is Gratista's Herring Luncheon. The School of Business celebrates the conferment every five years.

The publication of the 16th Ceremonial Conferment

You can read the ceremonial speeches from the previous conferment (2022) and get a sense of the atmosphere from the festivities of the conferment (see pdf. below).

Photos from the School of Business 16th Conferment in 2022

The School of Business's 16th Conferment was celebrated on May 12-14, 2022, at Aalto Töölö. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conferment was postponed by a year.

    Lehvänsitojaiset 2022

    The Laurel Wreath Weaving is the first of the events in the conferment. During this event, the promovendis bind a laurel wreath, which they receive on their chest during the Act of Conferment. In addition to the binding of laurel wreaths, there are musical performances and a buffet dinner.

    Maisteripromovendit vierailevat sankarihaudoilla

    According to tradition, master promovendis lays a wreath at the Hietaniemi Cemetery as part of the ceremonies.

    Promoottorin puhe 2022

    The main event of the conferment is the Act of Conferment. During this ceremony, the conferrer inducts the promovendis as full members of the academic community. The conferrer is selected from among the professors with the longest length of service at the School of Business. The conferrer at the 16th Ceremonial Conferment was Professor Matti Keloharju from Aalto University School of Business. In 2022, the Act of Conferment was held at Aalto Töölö.

    Promootiokulkue 2022

    After the Act of Conferment, a ceremonial procession moves towards the Temppeliaukio Church. Master of Ceremonies leads the procession. The Master of Ceremonies in 2022 was Professor Nina Granqvist from Aalto University School of Business. The symbols of the Master of Ceremonies include a staff and a red ribbon.

    Promootiojumalanpalvelus 2022

    After the Act of Conferment, attendees can attend a religious service or a non-denominational event. The Conferment Church Service was held at Temppeliaukio Church led by Bishop Teemu Laajasalo. The non-denominational event took place in the Botta Hall. Both events feature speeches and musical performances.

    Ilkka Niemelän puhe promootioillallisella 2022

    The Conferment Dinner was held at Kalastajatorppa. During the Conferment Dinner, we heard excellent speeches from e.g. masters, doctors, and the rector. In the picture, Aalto University's rector, Ilkka Niemelä, is giving a speech at the School of Business Conferment Dinner in 2022.

    Promootiotanssit 2022

    After dinner, it's time for the conferment ball, where the dances are rehearsed in the spring before the conferment. According to tradition, the first dance is the polonaise. In 2022 the Boston Promenade was performed.

    Spekti esiintyi promootion silliksellä 2022

    The last event of the conferment is traditionally the Gratista's Herring Luncheon. The event is organized by the promovendi committee in collaboration with the conferment office. It is the final opportunity to celebrate achievements in this magical event! In 2022, the evening concluded with a performance by Spekti!

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