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Conferment glossary and FAQ

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions and special words related to the conferment.
Promootio 2022
Picture from the 2022 School of Business Ceremonial Conferment

Conferment glossary:

Officianti The conferrer, the master of ceremonies, the head marshal and the gratista. See page Officiating the conferment
Spirit of Mercury Represents youth at the conferral, guides activities at the wreath weaving and pins laurels on the breasts of promovendi on conferment day. The conferments have had Maids of Mercury in the past, but the role has become gender-neutral. See Officiating the conferment.
Promovendi The graduands who will be promoted to the academic rank of master or doctor at the conferment ceremony. Also name of a publication presenting all the newly conferred doctors and masters. 
Honorary doctor Doctor honoris causa. Aalto University and Aalto University schools grant honorary doctorates and doctoral insignia at conferment ceremonies to individuals meriting the accolade for their achievements in science, technology, art or business, or their contributions to other societal or cultural activities.
Marshal Marshals are young School of Business students who assist the master of ceremonies and the head marshal. Their duties include ushering the guests and serving as honorary guards. Marshals are recognisable by their sashes and student caps. 
Jubilee master and jubilee doctor Individuals whose masters or doctoral degrees were awarded 50 years ago (i.e. in 1971) will be dubbed jubilee masters and jubilee doctors in the conferment.
Act of Conferment The doctors and masters are conferred at a ceremony called the Act of Conferment. At the ceremony, the conferred are accepted as full members of the academic community. The Act of Conferment traditionally includes speeches, classical music and an academic procession, which begins and ends the ceremony.
Laurel wreath One or two days before the Act of Conferment, the promovendi weave their laurel wreaths. Master's promovendi get one wreath, doctors two and honorary doctors three. The event is led by the person serving as the Spirit of Mercury.
Visit to the cemetery Traditionally, graduating masters make a visit to Hietaniemi Cemetery to lay a floral wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in gratitude for a free and independent Finland.
Gratista's /Gratisti's herring luncheon A festive 'sparkling wine and brunch' event for the promovendi and the key people involved in the conferment. The event is organised on the day following the conferment ceremony. The conferment committee of promovendi is in charge or organising the event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to the dress code can be found on the Dress code-page.

I was conferred in a previous conferment ceremonya and the experience was so great that I wish to come again.

It is only possible to take part in the conferment ceremony as a promovendus once per degree and only in the conferment ceremony following your graduation. If you were conferred as a master in your first conferment and have since graduated as a doctor, you can participate as a doctoral promovendus. Each academic rank can only be conferred once. Naturally, you can participate in more if you are, for example, the companion of a promovendus.

Whom may I bring as my companion?

The conferment committee does not with to set restrictions on the choice of companion. He/she may be a friend or relative, for example. However, we do not recommend bringing a companion who is under the age of 18.

Can family member follow the Act of Conferment?

Family member can follow the Act of Conferment either in the Assembly Hall or elsewhere in the building via video stream. We can't guarantee access to the hall until we know the number of promovendi and invited guests participating. We will notify promovendi about the attendance of family members in spring 2021.

Are photographs and video allowed during conferment?

The conferment committee will arrange for a photographer to be present at all events. Details regarding distribution of the photos will be announced to promovendi aftre the ceremony.

To maintain the atmosphere, taking photographs and video is absolutely forbidden in the Assembly Hall during the Act of Conferment. Promovendi are asked to inform friends and relatives attending the event about the rules regarding the photography.

Is it possible to take part in only some of the events?

Conferment is a once-in-a-lifetime experinece extending over a three-day period. The idea is for promovendi to take part in the conferment in its entirety: the Laurel Wreath Weaving event, the Act of Conferment, the church or nondenominational ceremony, the Conferment Banquet and Ball and Gratista's Herring Luncheon. If you are unable to take part in some of the events, we unfortunately cannot reimburse the registration fee or any part of it. However, we ask you to inform us about not attending.

Can I choose the seating a the Banquet?

You can express your wishes and we will try to incorporate them as much as possible. You can inform us about your seating requests in the registration form.

Can I take part in the dances at the Conferment Ball, even if I am unable to take part in the dance rehearsals?

It is difficult to know the ballroom dances without practice, so we strongly encourage your attendance at the dance rehearsals. The polonaise and the francaise can be attended only by those attending the rehearsals.


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