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Lecturer career system

Aalto lecturer career system is intended primarily for individuals conducting teaching. The career system enhances individual development through systematic assessment criteria, annual evaluations, advancement based on performance, and the appropriate support provided. It also facilitates the recruitment of top teachers of practical areas by providing a specific career system aiming at permanent employment.
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Principles of the lecturer career system

The lecturer career system is mainly for teachers who teach in Aalto University’s bachelor level programmes, teachers of practical and professional courses and language teachers. Responsibilities in master level and doctoral level programmes are possible after requisite qualifications (scientific, artistic, pedagogical). Responsibilities in the development of curriculum and pedagogical leadership increases with seniority.

The Aalto lecturer career system consists of three levels: University Teacher, University Lecturer and Senior University Lecturer. The titles are used as follows:

  • University Teacher level: University Teacher
  • University Lecturer level: The Lecturer title for persons without a doctoral degree and the University Lecturer title for persons with a doctoral degree or comparable significant artistic qualifications
  • Senior University Lecturer level: Senior University Lecturer
Aalto lecturers track

Lecturers' work profile

The main responsibility for individuals in the Aalto lecturer career system is teaching, which is complemented with agreed combination of research and/or comparable artistic tasks and activity in scientific community and pedagogical leadership. The time allocation between teaching and other responsibilities is agreed with the head of department.

The general time allocation between different duties should be based on the general principles illustrated in the following picture:

Aalto lecturers time alloation

Recruitment for a career as lecturer

International competitive recruitment is utilised in recruitment into the lecturer's career system, taking into account the needs of the department and the field of research. The aim is to promote high-quality teaching and pedagogical skills. We aim to recruit persons into the lecturers' career system who are seen to have good possibilities to advance in the lecturers' career system. The fairness and openness of the process is secured when recruiting, and the process is also kept as simple as possible. You can find a more detailed description of the lecturer career system here.

Instructions on how to compile a teaching portfolio can be found here.

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    Development processes of our academic career systems

    Developing the academic career systems is part of the Aalto University quality system. This page provides information on how the quality of the academic systems is monitored and how the processes are being developed.

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    Academic careers working group

    This page contains information on Academic careers working group, its purpose, members and contact information.

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