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Academic careers working group

The role of the working group is to support the development of the academic career systems, contribute to the preparation of development actions and communicate the development in the Aalto community.
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The working group is chaired by provost and consists of chairs of the schools’ tenure track committees, chairs of the schools’ teaching competence assessment committees, schools’ HR managers, and representatives of professors recruited to tenure track, assistant professors, lecturers, and pedagogical specialists.

The academic careers working group has two to three annual meetings. To be discussed in the meetings:

  • plans for the development of academic career systems
  • development measures taken
  • future development needs
  • annual review of academic career systems
  • feedback received

Career Systems Task Force prepares and implements the development actions of the academic career systems. The task force consist of HR Specialist Virpi Liinalaakso (HRS) and Senior Adviser Erja Ämmälahti (RES).

Feedback related to academic career systems can be sent by e-mail to [email protected]

Tenure track working group members:

  • Mäkelä Kristiina, Provost, chair
  • Virpi Liinalaakso, HR Specialist, secretary of the working group
  • Erja Ämmälahti, Special Adviser

Chairs of the Schools´ Tenure Track Committees:

  • Turkka Keinonen, Professor, ARTS

  • Matti SuominenProfessor, BIZ

  • Sami Franssila, Professor, CHEM

  • Risto Wichman, Professor, ELEC

  • Petri Kuosmanen, Professor, ENG
  • Matti Kaivola, Professor, SCI

Chairs of the Schools´ Teaching Competence Assessment Committees:

  • Rasmus Vuori, Lecturer, Vice Dean, ARTS
  • Timo Saarinen, Professor, BIZ
  • Monika Österberg, Associate Professor, CHEM
  • Keijo Nikoskinen, Professor, ELEC
  • Martin Vermeer, Professor, ENG
  • Jukka Tulkki, Senior Advisor, SCI

Schools HR Managers:

  • Jutta Heino, HR Manager, CHEM
  • Suvi Hormio, HR Manager, ENG
  • Sanna Kokko, HR Manager, SCI
  • Eliisa Lassila, HR Manager, BIZ
  • Mari Paloheimo, HR Manager, ARTS
  • Hanne Puskala, HR Manager, ELEC

Representatives of professors recruited to the tenure track:

  • Jani Romanoff, Associate Professor, ENG
  • Ahti Salo, Professor, SCI

Representative of assistant professors:

  • Max Finne, Assistant Professor, BIZ

Representative of lecturers:

  • Heli Viskari, University Lecturer, CHEM

Representative of pedagogical specialists:

  • to be selected in the fall of 2020


Career systems’ task force

Career Systems Task Force prepares and implements the development actions of the academic career systems. Task Force consists of HR Specialist Virpi Liinalaakso (HRS) and Senior Adiser Erja Ämmälahti (RES).

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