Master's Programme in Space Science and Technology

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Planning your studies

Personal study plan (HOPS)

In practice, study planning consists of two things: selecting the content for your degree based on your interests and goals and scheduling the selected studies. The outcome of study planning is a personal study plan (HOPS), which is required from all students. The starting point of study planning is the most recent curriculum of your programme.

Elective studies

You need to include 3 ECTS of Finnish studies and ELEC-E0210 Master’s thesis process 2 ECTS in this module.

If you wish to study more courses than the 120 ECTS that belong to your degree, you may add the extra courses to the elective studies module in your personal study plan.

Study skills

Study Skills

Study skills consist of a number of areas, such as the management of study methods, self-management, acting in a community and regulation of personal emotions. Study skills are something you can learn, and these pages include ideas for developing your skills as well as links for sources of additional information.

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Career planning

Career Design for Students

Career Design for Students

Career design is an experimental approach for creating a meaningful career path in the constantly changing world of work.

Career Design Lab

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