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Quick guide on how to create a personal study plan on Sisu

A quick guide on how to create a personal study plan (HOPS). The instructions menu below contains links to more detailed instructions, organised by topic.

How to make a personal study plan (HOPS) – a quick guide:

Creating a personal study plan

  1. Click on ‘Structure of studies’ in the upper banner.
  2. Click on the ‘New study plan’ button.
  3. Select the curriculum period according to your degree programme’s instructions.
  4. Click on the ‘Create a plan’ button.

Selecting study modules and courses

  1. Click on a heading in your study plan (e.g. your major, minor or elective studies). Then use the selection assistant on the right-hand side to add study modules to your study plan. Depending on the situation, the study modules may be compulsory or elective. Some study modules are automatically selected on the grounds of your study right.
  2. Click on a study module title (not the code) and select the courses you want to include in it by using the selection assistant on the right-hand side.
  3. Repeat these steps for all study modules included in your personal study plan.

Making choices that diverge from the structure

Sisu regulates your choices in the study plan along the structure of your degree programme. In some cases, you may have to diverge from these structures to include all your individual studies in your plan. You can make these changes only in the free edit mode.Free edit mode

Adding studies completed outside of Aalto

Study draft

Having sections of your study plan approved

Some study modules or the grouping modules under them may require approval.Study module status: Approval required

If an approval is granted for a study or grouping module that is in your plan you cannot make any changes to the plan unless you apply for a new approval:Study module status: Differs from the content of the approval application

Select the right degree as the basis for your study plan

Sisu will primarily suggest a degree for which you have a right to study.

  1. Select the academic year whose curriculum you want your study plan to follow.
    • The earliest curriculum period you may choose is the academic year when your right to study entered into force. 
  2. Give your study plan a name or use the name automatically suggested by the system.

You can request to have study modules or parts thereof approved if you have a valid study right for the programme in question.

Your programme and major in your study plan

The programme and major for which you have a study right are automatically selected in your study plan.


  • you have questions about your right to study,
  • you suspect that the information on Sisu contains errors, or
  • a programme or a major you want is not available as a choice in your study plan,

please contact:[email protected]

Master’s-level study plan

Create your master’s level study plan in a way that matches your study right: if you have the right to pursue both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, the studies required for both degrees must be included in the same study plan. If you have a right to study towards a master’s degree only, your study plan should only include your master’s-level studies.

Right to study towards a bachelor’s and a master’s degree:

  1. In your study plan, select the first section (called ‘Bachelor’s and Master’s in ____’).
  2. Select the master’s programme you want using the selection assistant on the right-hand side.

Right to study towards a master’s degree:

  1. Create a study plan exactly as you would any other study plan.

You can change the curriculum period in your master’s-level study plan if you need to:Changing versions in your study plan

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