Aalto Doctoral Programme in Electrical Engineering


Forms of doctoral theses in the School of Electrical Engineering

An approved doctoral thesis may be:

  • A monograph
  • An article-based doctoral thesis

Essay-based theses and other works meeting corresponding scientific criteria are not accepted as doctoral theses in the School of Electrical Engineering.

Doctoral thesis work

The topic of your doctoral thesis is approved by the Doctoral Programme Committee of the School when you are accepted to the doctoral programme. Your research plan is the basis for your thesis work. Read more on page Doctoral thesis at Aalto University.

Stepwise instructions for finalising the doctoral thesis

Before pre-examination

When you are approaching pre-examination, please familiarize yourself with the materials below.

During pre-examination

While your manuscript is being pre-examined, familiarize yourself with the next steps and read at least the materials listed below. You can also prepare for media coverage for your thesis, and make a draft of your lectio praecursoria.

Before public defence

The instructions for final steps before the defence are listed below. Check also relevant parts of the instructions on the previous section (permissions for publishing given, etc.).

Next public defences at the School of Electrical Engineering

Doctoral hat floating above a speaker's podium with a microphone
Public defences

Public defence in Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering, M.Sc.(Tech.) Verner Püvi

The thesis studies the highest amount of solar panels that can be connected to low-voltage distribution networks.
The figure shows an artificial material used for verifying the function of a ray tracing model (RTM).
Public defences

Public defence in Measurement Science and Technology, M.Sc.(Tech.) Robin Aschan

Development of measurement instruments for angle-resolved measurements of reflectance and transmittance using visible and infrared light
Artistic interpretation of the thesis content: A mobile robot, resembling a vacuum cleaner robot, is moving through a flat.
Public defences

Public defence in Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, M.Sc. Georg Götz

This dissertation works towards data-driven audio engines by exploring the interaction between room-acoustic modelling and data-driven methods.
Doctoral hat floating above a speaker's podium with a microphone
Public defences

Public defence in Automation and Control Engineering, M.Sc. Rakshith Subramanya

Exploiting distributed energy resources with a virtual power plant: Intelligent market participation based on forecasts (title of the thesis)

Licentiate thesis

Please read more about licentiate thesis via the links below

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