Aalto Doctoral Programme in Electrical Engineering


Unless you have been instructed otherwise, submit the forms to your Doctoral programme's Doctoral education services for processing.

Doctoral personal study plan (DPSP)

Submitted to MyStudies.

Instructions for preparing and confirming your DPSP

Pre-examination and defence

Submitted via Webropol, see instructions.

Instructions on pre-examination and defence

Study right

Application to doctoral studies

Instructions and application periods (

Annual enrolment

All degree students must enrol annually as either attending or non-attending students. Enrolment for the academic year is done in Oili-service during the enrollment period (usually between early May and end of August).

Annual enrolment instructions (

Non-degree studies

Non-degree studies enable studies at Aalto University without a right to complete a degree. Persons living in Finland may apply for non-degree studies at Aalto University. The purpose of non-degree studies is to improve one's professional skills by taking courses in one's own field.

Application to readmission

If you lose your right to study on account of failure to enrol for the academic year, you must apply for readmission. If more than one academic year has passed since you neglected to enrol, you must append a goal-oriented and feasible plan showing how you will complete your studies within a reasonable period of time. For doctoral students, this plan is the Doctoral personal study plan (DPSP).

Instructions for DPSP (

Waiving/renouncing the study right

If you wish to give up your study right completely, please note that the decision is binding. Please submit the application to your Doctoral programme's Doctoral Education Services (

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