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Request for graduation

Always read the graduation instructions of your programme first.
After reading the instructions you may request for graduation through your study plan on Sisu either after you have submitted your last study attainment or after you have fully completed the studies included in your degree.

Graduation instructions of degree programmes

Click your programme from the list on the page linked below and select Graduation.

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Things to check before you request for graduation

To request for graduation in Sisu

Method 1: Request graduation after you have submitted the last study attainment needed for your degree.

  1. You can submit a graduation request on Sisu immediately after completing your last study attainment (for example your thesis or a maturity essay).
    • Submit the request by going to the degree programme information sheet of the programme you have completed.
  2. Open the Structure of studies section.
  3. In your study plan, click on the code of your degree programme.
  4. The Graduation section contains a Request for graduation button.
  5. First read Aalto University’s graduation instructions.
  6. Then click the Request for graduation button and fill in the graduation request.

Method 2: Request graduation after you have completed all studies included in your degree

  1. You can request for graduation immediately after all studies included in your degree have been assessed on Sisu.
    • The status of your study plan has to be Parts completed.
  2. Open the Structure of studies section.
    • A green banner at the top of the page states that you can now submit a graduation request.
  3. In your study plan, click on the title of your degree programme. The selection assistant appears on the right-hand side.
  4. Click on the link Request for graduation and fill in the graduation request.

How to cancel a graduation request

If you need to, you can cancel your graduation request. You can cancel your graduation request if its status is Requested. If the status is In progress, you cannot cancel the request. If you need help, please contact:[email protected]

You can edit your study plan after you cancel your graduation request. Then submit a new graduation request. Note: If you cancel a request, you cannot reactivate it for processing.

Graduation decision

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