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Director of the Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture

Doctoral education services

Doctoral Programme Committee

Doctoral programme committee (School of Arts, Design and Architecture)

The Doctoral programme committee of the School decides about developing the content of the doctoral programme, prepares the curriculum and admission criteria and makes various decisions related to the evaluation process of the doctoral theses of individual students, among other things.

Detail of an artwork from Dipoli building / Photo by Aalto University, Mikko Raskinen

Research fields and professors

Research fields and supervising professors (School of Arts, Design and Architecture)

Research field is an area of academic research in which the school has agreed to provide doctoral education. The Aalto Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture offers doctoral education in 10 research fields. Each doctoral student is appointed a supervising professor who represents the research field approved for the student.



There are four departments at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Read about the research focus of each department on their pages.

Department of Architecture

We train professionals to design human-centred environments.

Student teamwork at Aalto University. Image: Unto Raunio

Department of Art and Media

The departments of Art and Media at Aalto University School of Arts, Design & Architecture have merged as of 1st January 2022. Professor Harri Laakso has been appointed as Head of the new Department of Art & Media.

Two people discussing about a scetch they are looking on a computer

Department of Design

The Department of Design is a diverse community of competent, creative and responsible individuals. In design, we appreciate technical skill, social significance and artistic expression.

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Department of Film (ELO)

The Department of Film, ELO, is Finland's only university-level film school.

Filming. Image by Unto Rautio.

Doctoral education contact persons at departments

Prof. Ranja Hautamäki

Head of Research, Department of Architecture

Senior Scientist Johanna Lilius

Head of Research, Department of Architecture

Prof. Laura Beloff

Head of Doctoral Education, Department of Art and Media
 Prof. Sampsa Hyysalo

Prof. Sampsa Hyysalo

Head of Doctoral Education, Department of Design

Prof. Susanna Helke

Head of Research, Department of Film

Ombudspersons and support for challenges

Ombudspersons are voluntary professors with solid experience in academic practices whom doctoral students can contact confidentially in challenges related to the thesis work. In case of challenging situations, we also have a support system of e.g. study psychologists and workplace mediators.

Ombudspersons for doctoral students

Confidential contact persons for doctoral students wishing to discuss with a professor with experience in academic practices

People in Harald Herlin.

Support for challenges during your doctoral studies

Support network and help for harassment or other type of challenging situations


Career design

Career Design for Students

Career design is an experimental approach for creating a meaningful career path in the constantly changing world of work.

Career Design for Students

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