Johanna Lilius

Senior Scientist
Senior Scientist
T201 Dept. Architecture
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Responding to Stress and Crisis : The Case of Social Resilience in Comprehensive Planning in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki

Johanna Lilius 2024 Real estate and sustainable crisis management in urban environments : Challenges and solutions for resilient cities

Conflicting regional policy goals: accessibility and segregation in the Helsinki metropolitan area

Katriina Rosengren, Timo M. Kauppinen, Johanna Lilius, Jarkko Rasinkangas, Hannu Ruonavaara 2024

Architectural Research in Finland vol. 6

Günther H. Filz, Johanna Lilius, Panu Savolainen 2023

Editorial Introduction

Günther H. Filz, Johanna Lilius, Panu Savolainen 2023

Creativity in Contemporary Housing Estate Neighbourhoods: The Case of Kontula, Helsinki

J Lilius 2023 Creativity from Suburban Nowheres: Rethinking Cultural and Creative Practices

Political Narratives of Shrinking Domesticities in Helsinki and Vienna

Johanna Lilius, Michael Friesenecker, Maximilian Krankl 2023 The Growing Trend of Living Small: A Critical Approach to Shrinking Domesticities

Lähiöiden maahanmuuttajayrittäjät osana kaupunkiuudistusta

Hossam Hewidy, J Lilius, Kaisa Schmidt-Thome 2022