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Aalto University and its partners arrange annually several hundreds of events open to alumni, corporate representatives and bigger audience. See the exhibitions below this events list.

Aalto University event highlights

Picture of ekonominaukio and the homecoming day logo
Lectures and seminars, Networking

Homecoming Day 2023

Homecoming Day is the biggest alumni event of the School of Business. The event offers inspiring discussions on current topics as well as a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends.
Tenured Professors' Installation Talks, 30.1.2023 mosaic image of the professors
Academic events, Lectures and seminars

Tenured Professors’ Installation Talks 30.1.2023

Aalto University celebrates its tenured professors with popular talks by the new tenure track professors of Associate or Full level.
Creative Technologies event image
Lectures and seminars

Creative Technologies

The series of seminars focusing on creative technologies started in Autumn 2022 at Aalto University.
ARt & Tech event poster with name and date

Art & Tech Gala 2023

The Art & Tech Gala showcases productions from the winning teams of the Art & Tech Open Calls 2020-2022.

27.1. - 16.2. 9:30 Otaniemi
Työ nyt ja tulevaisuudessa: Eväitä ajatteluun lecture series on the Future of Work in Finnish:
Virve Peteri, University of Tampere: Työtilat ja niiden muutos - miten ja mitä ajatella tilasta

27.1. 10-16 online or Aalto Töölö, Runeberginkatu 14-16, Helsinki
Nordic and Baltic Future Artpreneurship Seminar: The Future Skills in the Creative Sector

27.1. Otaniemi & online
Dissertations e.g. mechanical engineering, engineering physics, civil engineering

27.1. 13-23 Otakaari 1 & Ekonominaukio 1, Otaniemi
School of Business Homecoming Day 2023

Until 29.1. Espoo Cultural Centre, Kulttuuriaukio 2, Tapiola
Design + Sustainability exhibition

30.1. 14:15-17:30 Dipoli, Otakaari 24, Otaniemi
Tenured Professors’ Installation Talks

30.1. - 14.3. 17-19 online
Design a Meaningful Career course peer group in English (full)

1.2. onwards
Aalto Summer Schools application period starts

1. & 8. & 22.2. 12:15 M3, Otakaari 1, Otaniemi
Seminars on analysis and geometry
Regularity of stable solutions to elliptic PDEs and Gelfand-type problems II

1. - 22.2. Wednesdays 14:15 online
Computer Science Theory seminars

  • Accelerating Quantum Computations of Chemistry Through Regularized Compressed Double Factorization
  • Improved Pattern-Avoidance Bounds for Greedy BSTs via Matrix Decomposition
  • Parameterized Approximation for Maximum Weight Independent Set of Rectangles and Segments
  • Algorithms and Hardness for Non-Pool-Based Line Planning

2. - 16.2. Ekonominaukio 1, Otaniemi
Työ nyt ja tulevaisuudessa: Eväitä ajatteluun (lecture series on the future of work in Finnish)

  • 2.2. 13:00 Timo Anttila, University of Jyväskylä: Aika ja ajankäyttö töissä/työelämässä
  • 7.2. 13:00 Kirsimarja Blomqvist, LUT: Tietotyön ja yhteistyön digitaaliset mahdollisuudet (huom! uusi pvm)
  • 9.2. 9:30 Hanna Sutela, Statistics Finland: Suomalaisen työelämän muutos työolotutkimusten valossa
  • 14.2. 12:30 Jari Hakanen, The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health: Työn imu
  • 16.2. 9:30 Tuija Koivunen, University of Eastern Finland: Rekrytointi 

2.2. 14-16 Harald Herlin learning centre, Otaniemi
Creative Technologies seminar series: New Forms of Social Interaction

2.2. - 9.3. 15-15:45 online
Seminars on Advances in Probabilistic Machine Learning
Robust Bayesian Inference for Simulator-based Models via the MMD Posterior Bootstrap

3.2. Otaniemi & online
Dissertations e.g. art education, power electronics and electric drives,

6.2. New York, USA
Aalto alumni meet-and-greet

7.2. 14.15 online
Aalto EE webinars: Geopolitical Risks and Risk Management Culture - Preparing for Uncertainty

8.2. 13:15-14:30 online
Architecture SpeaksPascal Flammer

8.2. 16-17.30 online & University of Helsinki
Miljardikuopasta uuteen nousuun - Yliopistojen suuri vaalikeskustelu (Election discussion of universities in Finnish)

8.2. 18:30 Wild Geese, Brussels, Belgium
Alumni beers in Brussels

9. - 24.2. Otaniemi & online
Dissertations e.g. land management, design, economics, biomedical engineering

14.2. 8:30-10 Kemistintie 1, Otaniemi
Breaking Barriers in Science - IUPAC’s Global Women’s Breakfast

15.2. 12-13 online
GoinGlobal job search training

16.2. 11-16:30 online & Harald Herlin learning centre, Otaniementie 9 & Visualisation Hub, Otakaari 7, Otaniemi
Aalto Digital Creatives: Art & Tech Gala 2023

17.2. 10:15-12 A Grid, Otakaari 5, Otaniemi
Good Life Engine: Humanely sustainable living

28.2. 10:15 M2, Otakaari 1, Otaniemi
Mathematical physics seminar

until 28.2.  Dipoli Gallery, Otakaari 24, Otaniemi
Creating New Textile Futures Exhibition

Current exhibitions

An illustrated book with model wearing summery outfit lays on colourful textiles surface

DIALOGUES – Creating New Textile Futures exhibition in Dipoli Gallery

The exhibition features research projects and student works related to textiles at Aalto University.

Design + Sustainability - Kestävyyden muotoilu - & Future Artifacts taidenäyttely/art exhibition

Design + Sustainability exhibition

Welcome to the Espoo Cultural Center to se the work of Aalto researchers and artists

Alusta pavilion

Alusta pavilion – Environmentally conscious architecture

Alusta pavilion - a place for encounters between humans and non-human animals in urban space.

Aalto betaspace, an exhibition venue for students at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture / photo by Julia Weckman.

Aalto galleries and exhibition venues

How can we make space for unexpected ways of looking at the world? Galleries and exhibition venues are co-produced spaces for action, bringing together the knowledge, content, vision, and passion of different agents.

Research & Art
Wood and Clay course exhibition organised by Nathalie Lautenbacher, Väre Main Lobby, March 2019

Väre Exhibitions

Väre Exhibitions, School of Art, Architecture and Design

Research & Art

See more exhibitions online

Data and Law. Illustration by Olena Mohylna. Data Vitality Exhibition

Online Exhibitions

A selection of Aalto exhibitions made available online

Research & Art
Life 1.5 in black font and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

Life 1.5 – an exhibition of planet-friendly materials, fashion and food

Designs for a Cooler Planet is a five-week-long festival celebrating experiments in planet-friendly materials, fashion, and food.

Near futures, exhibition tribute to the academic year 2019–2020 graduates

Near futures – online exhibition

Near futures, exhibition tribute to the academic year 2019–2020 graduates

Tienraivaaja Breaking Ground näyttelyn mainos

Breaking ground – 8 ways research shaped our world

Breaking Ground is an exhibition which highlight the interconnected histories of long term and fundamental research and their impact on society

Creativity in Action exhibition graphics by Emery Norton

Exhibition in honour of Aalto's 10-year anniversary highlights student impact over the decades

‘Creativity in Action: The Spirit of Student Life’ exhibition opens at the Dipoli Gallery and online on 27 August.

Designs for a Cooler Planet 2020: Race for the Future

This is what a more sustainable world looks like: Wood-based glitter, electric-powered boats and printed solar cells

The Aalto University Designs for a Cooler Planet event will showcase inspiring future scenarios during this coming September. The exhibition aims to show that collaboration between designers, researchers and stakeholders will lead to better solutions for people and the environment.

Re-imagining the Past Vol. 2. Photos: Kitty Norros

Re-imagining the Past exhibition Vol. 2 online

The stories and images from the exhibition celebrating Aalto 10 are now available for online exploration.



Alusta pavilion

Alusta pavilion – Environmentally conscious architecture

Alusta pavilion - a place for encounters between humans and non-human animals in urban space.
Design + Sustainability - Kestävyyden muotoilu - & Future Artifacts taidenäyttely/art exhibition

Design + Sustainability exhibition

Welcome to the Espoo Cultural Center to se the work of Aalto researchers and artists
Conferences, Workshops

NDE NucCon 2023

International Conference on Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete in Nuclear Applications

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