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A selection of Aalto exhibitions made available online
Wood crystals on a black fabric.

Designs for a Cooler Planet

The festival returns to Otaniemi this fall, 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024, revealing how we can change the world.


Dialogues: An Ode to Textile Stories

Virtual Exhibition

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Energy Futures: Critical minerals, climate neutrality and transition pathways | Aalto Virtual Exhibitions

Energy Transition Exhibition

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DIALOGUES Creating New Textile Futures | Aalto Virtual Exhibitions

DIALOGUES – Creating New Textile Futures by AaltoTEXTILES

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Designs for a Cooler Planet 2022: Life 1.5 | Aalto Virtual Exhibitions

Designs for a Cooler Planet 2022 showcases Life 1.5 -worthy experiments in planet-friendly materials, fashion and food that could take us towards a better future.

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ABRA | Aalto Virtual Exhibitions

Radical Speculations: Artificial Biology and Robotics meet Art and Architecture

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Breaking Ground | Aalto Virtual Exhibitions

Breaking ground – 8 ways research shaped our world

Wonder(ful) Exhibition, Dipoli Gallery. Image by Anne Kinnunen (2022)

Wonder(ful) exhibition

This photography exhibition in Dipoli Gallery showcases six examples of artistic processes, which dwell into the questions of existence in different localities, family histories and interior worlds.

Data and Economics 800x800.jpg

Data Vitality: Soft Infrastructures and Economies of Knowledge

Virtual Exhibition

Research & Art: The role of online exhibitions

The current Covid-19 crisis has brought radical changes in our lives including the workplace. 

Our access to the exhibition spaces has been restricted in line with health and safety measures, and a number of exhibitions have been adapted in virtual form to Aalto University’s website. 

While the expectation is that virtual spaces will replicate as many physical activities as possible, demands urge us as curators and exhibition-makers to consider new ways of thinking. Questions of creating, managing and hosting content online responsibly and fully aware of the ways in which online representations bring new challenges with new opportunities. 

The urgent need for user-friendly and accessible digital tools and platforms for co-creating online exhibitions drives us to develop a robust online platform for Aalto University. We want to become a leading example in the educational field, with the DNA of creative practices imprinted in our virtual exhibition design.

Online Exhibitions

Graphic Design by Emery L Norton

Outré: Encounters with Non/living Things

`Outré: Encounters with Non/living Things` online exhibition

Research & Art
Designs for a Cooler Planet 2020: Race for the Future

Designs for a Cooler Planet — Helsinki Design Week 2020

Helsinki Design Week at Otaniemi showcases inspiring future designs related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Creativity in Action Exhibition-Design By Emery Norton

Creativity in Action: The Spirit of Student Life

Creativity in Action: The Spirit of Student Life

Research & Art
Image: Olivia Abächerli. Still from 'Polsima' 4 channel video installation, 2019

Dialogue Model: I can’t hear myself without you listening

Exhibition Programme at M8 Art Space 2019-2020

Research & Art
Wood Wonders exhibition at Helsinki airport. Photo: Anne Kinnunen

Wood Wonders exhibition showcases climate-friendly building concepts

If all the buildings constructed in Finland each year were made of wood, the amount of wood needed for their construction would grow back in ten hours.

Re-imagining the Past Vol. 2. Photos: Kitty Norros

Re-imagining the Past exhibition Vol. 2 online

The stories and images from the exhibition celebrating Aalto 10 are now available for online exploration.

'Dialogues: An Ode to Textile Stories', Oodi Library, 2023. Image: Laura Seppälä

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