Life in Academia

Life in Academia is a series of talks where experiences are shared, lessons are learned, and new perspectives are embraced. Join us for insightful discussions covering a wide range of topics, beginning with Jaakko Lehtinen's enlightening talk "Research careers are built on communication" on February 28.

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Life in Academia is a series of talks focusing on working in academia. The idea is to discuss everything it entails except research and teaching.  Our purpose is to create a space where experiences are shared, lessons are learned, and new perspectives are embraced. 

If you would like to suggest a topic or a speaker please contact the talk host, Vice Head for Diversity, Lassi Haaranen (contact info bottom).

The talk series is organized by the Department of Computer Science. 

Upcoming talks:

Wednesday, February 28 at 14:15-15:00 

Jaakko Lehtinen: Research careers are built on communication

Abstract: Communications skills, both written and oral, largely determine your success in research. In this talk I'll try to shed light on the many mechanisms through which this happens, and why it matters to always strive to be better at it.

Jaakko Lehtinen

About the speaker

Jaakko Lehtinen is a tenured associate professor at Aalto University, and a distinguished research scientist at NVIDIA Research. Jaakko works on computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning, with particular interests in generative modelling, realistic image synthesis, and appearance acquisition and reproduction. Overall, Jaakko is fascinated by the combination of machine learning techniques with physical simulators in the search for robust, interpretable AI.


Department of Computer Science

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Upcoming events

"Catalyzing diversity in science": IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast

Aalto University hosts the IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast 2024 on 27 February. Everyone is welcome, kindly pre-register by 22 February.

AI in Research Work

AI in Research Work, Mar 11, 2024

Learn about AI's impact on research work with Staff Scientist & Data Agent Dr. Enrico Glerean and Data Agent Dr. Pedro Silva.

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