Of a feather...

A new exhibition by Aalto’s Masters of Art and Media (Photography) at Dipoli Gallery 27.03-07.06.2024
woman in white shirt and red printed headscarf sites on a bed with her back turned, looking in a small square handmirror
Image courtesy of artist: Lumi Tuomi ‘Čilu’ (Fragment)

Of a feather... 

This exhibition brings together the artistic research of Aalto Masters students majoring in photography at the department of art and media. Reflecting the expanded practices in the field of photography, the projects and concepts are rendered in light, time and matter at Dipoli gallery.

The constellation of thirteen works may emanate from individual practices, yet the experiences and perspectives of internal reflection, distance, (dis)connection, journeys and returns connect the exhibition and reveal their dynamics as collaborators.

The title alludes to a common expression for those who are akin, alike, or aligned. Flocking together, recognises both the collective act of spatialising multiple works, and the connections formed between artists and practices during the course of shared studies. The feather is an example of deft natural design, something which is light yet strong, flexible and protective, that when layered together in multitudes allows acts of flight and manoeuvres in sequence. 

Many themes and lived experiences are represented in this exhibition, from notions of environment and waste, to production and consumption of image, early childhood and family, mental health,(dis)connection, migration, gender, identity and culture in all its fragmented forms and meanings.

Of a feather… conjures the essence of synchronization and syncopation, where divergences in movement in proximity to one another, renders new dialogues and rhythms in the works. Notions of origin, dislocation, liminalities, and olfactory and aural senses fill the space exploring the dynamics of memory as matter for (re)construction and ritual.

The medium of photography expands to include sound, moving images, sculpture and text offering complex and interwoven perspectives.


Join us for the opening reception at Dipoli Gallery from 16:00-17:00 on Wednesday, 27th March 2024. Welcome words by Lecturer Niko Luoma and Curator Edel O’ Reilly. Let us know if you will join us by registering here. We are happy to announce and warmly welcome you to ‘Of a feather...’, an exhibition of works from 13 students of Aalto’s Masters of Art and Media majoring in Photography.  

Visit the exhibition in Dipoli Gallery, Aalto University from Wednesday 27th March to 7th June 2024. 

The exhibition will also be open during this year's Helsinki Photomedia Conference hosted at Dipoli between 11-13.04.24


Exhibition Dates: 27.03-07.06.2024  

Mon-Thu: 8:00–20:00 / Fri: 8:00–18:00 / Sat-Sun: Closed  

Location: Dipoli Gallery, Otakaari 24, 02150 Espoo / Aalto University 

Exhibiting Artists 

Hannele Peltorinne, Jahanzeb Haroon, Johanna Saine, Kanny Wu, Lumi Tuomi, Mia Felić, Nat Setthana, Nikolas Palonen, Sadhbh Lynam, Saedeh Doostbekheir, Santeri Kuisma, Vinayak, Yufan Lu 

Exhibition Team 

Academic advisors: Donald Weber, Niko Luoma, Petri Juntunen 

Curator: Edel O’ Reilly  

Exhibition design: Petri Juntunen & Edel O Reilly  

Graphic design: Nat Setthana, Hannele Peltorinne & Santeri Kuisma 

Technical support: Jahanzeb Haroon 

Production Support 

Aalto PrintLab 

Aalto Studios 

Aalto Takeout  

Aalto Lobby Services 

Supported by 

Aalto Public Art & Exhibitions  

Department of Art and Media, School of Art, Design and Architecture 

KONE Foundation


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