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Study courses organised by Finnish technical universities free of charge. The study offering includes courses from beginner to advanced level and on different topics. Courses are aimed at all Finns and permanent residents of Finland.
Kolme ihmistä kävelee vierekkäin alas portaita.

FITech Network University offers university studies for all Finnish people and permanent residents of Finland who want to learn something new or update their current knowledge.

What is FITech?

FITech (The Finnish Institute of Technology) is a network consisting of nine universities offering education in technology in Finland: Aalto University, University of Eastern Finland, University of Jyväskylä, LUT University, University of Oulu, Tampere University, University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and University of Vaasa. Founding members are also Technology Industries of Finland (Teknologiateollisuus) and the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK). FITech Network University is coordinated by Aalto University.

The founding mission of FITech is to increase the co-operation of Finnish technical universities. The goal is to guide experts to growth sectors in Finland and respond to competence needs arising in the field of technology. The projects of FITech network are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and will continue on current funding until the end of 2023.

Why study with FITech?

  1. Learn skills that will take you forward on your career
  2. Study on high quality university courses
  3. Our courses are free of charge
  4. You can study the courses alongside work

Study offering includes courses on different ICT topics, 5G technology, hydrogen economy and energy storages.

FITech for adult learners

FITech courses are especially suitable for people who have studied earlier at a university or a university of applied sciences or are interested in university studies. The courses are primarily targeted for people who do not have a valid study right at a Finnish higher education institution at the moment. Nevertheless, if you are currently studying at a university or a university of applied sciences in Finland, you can still apply for the courses that are marked available for degree students. Some of the courses are suitable for Finnish high school students.

The study offering includes beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses. You can start studying a new topic on beginner-level courses as intermediate and advanced courses are aimed at those who already have relevant ICT knowledge. It is possible to study alongside work as most of our courses are organised online. The teaching method of each course is explained on the course information page.

FITech courses organised by Aalto University

  1. Study offering can be found on the FITech website (
  2. Application for all the FITech courses is done via (Opintopolku). You can find more specific instructions for applying on the FITech website (
  3. More information about courses organised by Aalto University can be found on the study guide Sisu.

Contact information

Fanny Qvickström


News about FITech Network University

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The FITech study offering for summer has been published

The application period for FITech summer courses is ongoing.
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FITech's Turku project ended – the level of learning and co-operation between universities increased

The project covered 609 courses and more than 20,200 course participations.
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Apply to FITech spring courses starting on 7 November

Update your knowledge on university courses free of charge.
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