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Study ICT courses for free alongside work. A large selection of courses is available both at beginner level and for experienced ICT professionals.
Kolme ihmistä kävelee vierekkäin alas portaita.

FITech is a network university consisting of all the eight universities of technology in Finland. The member universities in the network are Aalto University, University of Jyväskylä, LUT University, University of Oulu, Tampere University, University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and University of Vaasa. FITech offers ICT studies for those who want to update or upgrade their ICT skills and knowledge. 

Why study with FITech?

  1. We offer you high quality university studies
  2. Our courses are free of charge for all participants
  3. Courses can be studied alongside work

Whether you are interested about artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science or just want to learn programming from the scratch or deepen your programming knowledge, we have a solution for you. You will find all these and more from the FITech ICT course offering. 

FITech ICT is especially suitable for people who have studied earlier at a university or a university of applied sciences. The courses are primarily targeted for people who do not have a valid study right at a Finnish higher education institution at the moment. Nevertheless, if you are currently studying at a university or a university of applied sciences in Finland, you can still apply for the courses, as there are places available for both adult learners as well as university or UAS students in several courses.

All courses are free of charge for all participants. The courses are designed in a way that makes it possible to study alongside full-time work. Most of our courses are organized online or they are at least so called blended courses, meaning that some parts of the course can be done online and sometimes there might be a need to be present on campus (this may be the case for example for the exam). Some of our courses are regular campus courses.

FITech ICT courses at Aalto

  1. FITech course offering can be found at the FITech website (
  2. Application for Aalto FITech ICT courses is done via (Opintopolku). You can find more specific instructions for applying at the FITech website (
  3. More information about Aalto courses can be found from Aalto’s Sisu system.

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