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Public art collections at Aalto University

The aim of public art across Aalto is to create a vibrant environment for experiencing the world through various perspectives and for embracing imagination, intuition, and exploration.
Renata Jakowleff «Blue» 2017, 190 x 160 x 40 cm, glass and steel, assembled Photo: Mikko Raskinen
Artwork: Renata Jakowleff «Blue» 2017, 190 x 160 x 40 cm, glass and steel, assembled. Photo: Aalto University/Mikko Raskinen

The vision of public art at Aalto University is to address and raise questions about what it is to be a university, what we do together in society, and what constitutes the public.

Based on these and other enquiries, public art is site-specific and connects with the diversity of the university and its post-disciplinary communities that extend beyond Otaniemi, to global networks. Public artworks reflect this diversity through different art forms, materials, techniques, and traditions.

How does Aalto procure our public art?

Contemporary public art often raises critical questions about history, the present and future, and reflects the values of Aalto such as passion, courage, freedom, responsibility and integrity. These questions and values help guide the procurement of artworks at Aalto University.

Art procurements are made by purchasing ready works of art, ordering site-specific art works or organising art competitions. The collection and art procurements are curated and coordinated by Manager (Art & Exhibitions) Outi Turpeinen together with the Aalto community.

The artists of the works are mainly Aalto University alumni, faculty or students who represent numerous different fields of art.

Global Equality Art Collection at Väre

Artworks in Väre remind us of the power of art in its ability to explore and expose diverse sociocultural and natural phenomena.

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The Human Approach – art collection at the School of Business

The theme of the art concept that the one per cent art principle was applied to is Human Approach.

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School of Business - Image by Mikko Raskinen

Radical Creativity art works at Töölö

Impressive art works by Sakari Kannosto and Kristina Riska are placed in the staircase and lobby areas. Aalto University Töölö is the fourth construction project at Aalto University in which approximately one per cent of the project budget was allocated to art.

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Artist Kristina Riska’s impressive ceramic artworks ’inevitableprogress I & II’

Engineering Materials art collection

One per cent for art principle was applied in the Engineering Materials collection

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LED art portraying text in different colours, while meandering up in the ceiling and round a corner at K3 building. The picture is taken from ground floor towards the ceiling, showing the social stairs of the building and the second floor office glass walls.

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Wall-art competition for Väre 2018. 

Campus art competition for Otaniemi campus areas 2019.

Engineering Materials art competition for Aalto Works block 2022.

Who defines how we experience art? User research on public art 2022.

Unfolding Public Art at Aalto University book 2023.

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Saban Ramadani, Photo by Hayley Le
Studies Published:

Saban Ramadani: Is it radical to create a rocket in a week?

‘When you are expected to come up with something quickly, for instance, in visual arts, is the purpose itself lost in the creative process? Is it radical to create a rocket in a week?’
Kirsi Peltonen & Taneli Luotoniemi (Eds.): Shapes in Action
Research & Art Published:

Explorations in the realms of mathematics, art, design and architecture

Shapes in Action is a book for all those interested in interdisciplinary research and education.
Photo of students sitting in a lecture hall and drawing abstract portraits. The photo is surrounded by a blue frame.
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Sign up now for Art, Life and Entrepreneurship 1 course starting in period II

Find your path in the crossroads of art and entrepreneurship.
Konsta Klemetti happened to have a friend's silly and good-humoured dog in his care on the day of the photo shoot. Photo by Zina Marpegan.
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Konsta Klemetti: Creative artistic thinking and finding surprising perspectives are ingrained in me

'It has been fun and enlightening to discover that there is a tribe, i.e., like-minded people at Aalto. Everyone accepts an idea, no matter how crazy it is. The culture is open-minded and accepting in a fun way.'
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