“A Knitted River” - Textile and emotional memory of the waters of the Cochrane River

Textile arts, design, craft, and science converge to give prominence to the Cochrane River, one of the most transparent in the world, and the heart of the town that carries its name. The collective piece A Knitted River is founded in narratives about the community's ties with its river, the emotional and historic bonds that join them inseparably, the evolution of the town and its residents along the course of its waters, and to ultimately bring attention to the value of the Cochrane River as fundamental biocultural heritage of this community.
Four women installing art piece
The team setting up "Knitted River" in Cochrane community center in 2023

Welcome the 14th of May to see the piece and talk to members of the women collective behind it! We will start at 16:00, there will be a poetic act around the piece, a video documenting the creative and community process behind and a panel discussion to contextualize the role of creative practices in art and design as facilitators of participatory research and catalyzers of transformative process.

The exhibition is open from May 14 until May 17th in the FE lobby Gallery of the main building of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University (Väre). 


Knitted River is a project by Pulso Austral an interdisciplinary organization of women that, for over five years, has developed initiatives that promote the wellbeing and strengthening of community engagement in the Aysén region, in the Chilean Patagonia. This project has been done in alliance with the Patagonian Ecosystems Investigation Research Center (CIEP).

Textile Creation
Francisca Vidal (Textile Designer)// Macarena Silva Espinosa, knitter // Isabel Moneva Gallardo, knitter // Violeta Flores Barría, knitter and felter  // Mary McCulloch, knitter // Kerry Thauby, knitter and illustrator

Research and Community Engagement
Anna Astorga (Biologist) // Cecilia Moura Roldan, (community psychologist) // Catalina Camus Campodónico (historian)

+ 70 Residents of the Cochrane community

Pulso Austral visit to Aalto University is supported by DIRAC and PAOCC and contributes to the Finnish research council project From the lab and the studio to the Forest the garden and back, led by Professor Andrea Botero at the Design Department.


Andrea Botero

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