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Hydrometallurgy and Corrosion (Hydromet)

The research group Hydromet, led by Prof. Mari Lundström, applies hydrometallurgical and electrochemical means for the recovery of metals and precious materials, development of electrolysis processes, study of corrosion properties and development of new materials from secondary raw materials.
Precious metals in crushed batteries being dissolved in a test tube. Photo: Glen Forde/Aalto Energy Platform

Our research areas:

  1. Hydrometallurgical processing of primary and secondary raw materials - from fundamental phenomena to process design with environmental impact evaluation

  2. Electrochemistry - electrochemical metal recovery, characterization, as well as corrosion processes

  3. Utilizing secondary raw materials for the development of new processes and materials in circular economy of metals

The research group is dedicated to enabling sustainable living for future generations. As a result of the increased utilisation of electrification, automation, renewable energy solutions and the continued rise in living standards, numerous challenges related to the primary production and circular economy of metals have appeared.

By a combination of the theoretical understanding of hydrometallurgy, electrochemistry, corrosion prevention, process development, process modelling, LCA analysis and state of the art analysis techniques, our researchers are at the forefront of sustainable industrial-scale process development.

Furthermore, Hydromet’s extensive collaboration with a wide variety of industrial and academic stakeholders enables the pioneering of new innovative solutions for these crucial global challenges.

Solar cell component on wood bark on ice crystals
Nordic photovoltaics using plant-based materials

The demand for metals and other raw materials is expected to rise drastically in part as the world transitions towards more sustainable energy solutions. The use of renewable energy sources requires lithium ion batteries, photovoltaic cells and wind energy – complex products that are also highly metal intensive. Our research group aims to be at the forefront of the metals circular economy through development of efficient primary processes and by improving the recycling of end-of-life materials.

Hydromet Projects

The ongoing and past projects from Hydromet group can be found here.

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Future lithium ion battery life cycle

Hydromet Facilities

Find an introduction to our facilities here.

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Mari Lundström

Latest Hydromet news:

Find here our latest activities.

Professor Mari Lundström with Tesla / Photo: Pertti Kauranen
Press releases Published:

Prof. Mari Lundström featured in Millenium Talks

Host Henkka Hyppönen and Assistant Professor Mari Lundström discuss possibilities and challenges in recycling of batteries at the laboratories of Hydrometallurgy and Corrosion.
Mari Lundström
Cooperation Published:

Hydromet group at BATCircle Seminar in Pori 3.9.2019

The first BATCircle Seminar was held in University Consortium of Pori. Prof. Lundström and the group's researchers workingwith LIB recycling, process design and primary processing attended the seminar.
BatteRIes Europe
Cooperation Published:

Hydromet at BatteRIes Europe in Brussels 24.6.2019

ETIP BatteRIes Europe officially launched at Brussels on 24.6.2019. The platform brings together all relevant stakeholders in the European batteries research and innovation ecosystem in order to develop and support a competitive battery value chain in Europe.
BATCircle logo
Research & Art Published:

BATCircle featured in Materia magazine

Aalto led Finland- based Circular Ecosystem of Battery Metals was featured in the newest Materia Magazine (2/2019 May)


Battery recycling_photo Valeria Azovskaya

BATCircle – Circular ecosystem of battery metals

Learn more about responsible sourcing, refining and production of active battery materials as well as efficient recycling of end-of-life batteries needed for ongoing energy and mobility transitions.


Latest publications:

Graphite recovery from waste Li-ion battery black mass for direct re-use

Alexander Chernyaev, Anna Kobets, Kerli Liivand, Fiseha Tesfaye, Pyry-Mikko Hannula, Tanja Kallio, Leena Hupa, Mari Lundström 2024 Minerals Engineering

Transition to cellular agriculture reduces agriculture land use and greenhouse gas emissions but increases demand for critical materials

Mohammad El Wali, Saeed Rahimpour Golroudbary, Andrzej Kraslawski, Hanna L. Tuomisto 2024 Communications Earth & Environment

Atmospheric leaching of Ni, Co, Cu, and Zn from sulfide tailings using various oxidants

Anssi Karppinen, Sipi Seisko, Mari Lundström 2024 Minerals Engineering

Gold recovery from cyanidation residue by chloride leaching and carbon adsorption – Preliminary results from CICL process

Anssi Karppinen, Sipi Seisko, Laura Nevatalo, Benjamin P. Wilson, Kirsi Yliniemi, Mari Lundström 2024 Hydrometallurgy

Environmental impacts of lithium hydroxide monohydrate production from spodumene concentrate – A simulation-based life cycle assessment

Heikki Lappalainen, Marja Rinne, Heini Elomaa, Jari Aromaa, Mari Lundström 2024 Minerals Engineering

Electrochemical cobalt oxidation in chloride media

Iryna Makarava, Jere Vänskä, Agnieszka Kramek, Jacek Ryl, Benjamin P. Wilson, Kirsi Yliniemi, Mari Lundström 2024 Minerals Engineering

Process simulation and life cycle assessment of hydrometallurgical recycling routes of waste printed circuit boards

Tianxiang Nan, Jianguang Yang, Riina Aromaa-Stubb, Qiang Zhu, Mari Lundström 2024 Journal of Cleaner Production

Supporting critical raw material circularity - upcycling graphite from waste LIBs to Zn-air batteries

Reio Praats, Alexander Chernyaev, Jani Sainio, Mari Lundström, Ivar Kruusenberg, Kerli Liivand 2024 Green Chemistry

Analogical environmental cost assessment of silicon flows used in solar panels by the US and China

Saeed Rahimpour Golroudbary, Mari Lundström, Benjamin P. Wilson 2024 Scientific Reports

Synergy of green energy technologies through critical materials circularity

Saeed Rahimpour Golroudbary, Mari Lundström, Benjamin P. Wilson 2024 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
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