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Future lithium ion battery life cycle

Ongoing projects:


The main objective of BATCircle consortium led by Aalto University is to generate added value to sectors manufacturing battery metals and chemicals, as well as their circular economy. According to the EU, the battery market’s value may increase to 250 billion euros by 2025. The objective of BATCircle consortium is to create a market worth at least five billion euros in Finland. A particularly large amount of unused potential can be found in the recycling of batteries. The BATCircle consortium aims at improving the manufacturing processes of mining industry, metals industry and battery chemicals, and to increase the recycling of lithium-ion batteries. Its goal is to strengthen the cooperation between companies and research organisations, and to find new business opportunities. The consortium consists of four universities, two research organisations and 22 companies.



The research of BioPolyMet combines two of Finland’s main industrial sectors – Forestry (forest derived products) and the Metal industry by exploring the use of cellulosic based materials as new type of sustainable metal coating. This coating can result in improved hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface layers, improved printability, a replacement of Teflon as non-fingerprint coating, a replacement of PVC as wear resistant coating, esthetical new surfaces and increased bio content in the coatings to mention just a few. Emphasis is placed on an in depth understanding of the proposed materials under electrophoretic coating conditions that will allow for rapid upscaling and early industrial adoption. Work will be carried out on this project as a joint collaboration between Mari Lundström's research group of Hydrometallurgy and Corrosion and Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems (Prof. Herbert Sixta).


The topic of research for KYT project is on the corrosion of nuclear waste capsules in oxygen-free ground water.


The goal of the project is to efficiently recover precious metals from low quality waste solutions and produce high quality functional surfaces from these waste streams.

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