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Projects with NGOs (pilot)

A new course, where students tackle real-life challenges presented by NGOs, provides more opportunities for students to engage with NGOs.
Students doing work in a team. Photo: Roope Kiviranta
Students working together in the school cafeteria. Photo: Roope Kiviranta

The Aalto University School of Business has a long tradition of co-operation with different kinds of organizations, but the focus has mainly been on corporations. In line with the School’s motto Better Business – Better Society, the School wishes to provide more opportunities for its students to engage in collaboration with NGOs. One of the means to do so is through student projects, where the students tackle real-life challenges presented by NGOs. The project concept will be piloted in the academic year 2022-23.

The NGO project concept has been developed in collaboration with our School’s faculty members, management and experts, as well as Fingo.

The projects students carry out for the participating NGOs can be research and development projects, such as the development of a marketing and communication plan, the creation of an event concept, the comparison of different systems or the development of operational processes (e.g. member recruitment). It is essential that the topic of the project is related to the themes of business and economics so that the students can include it in their degrees. You can get acquainted with the programs of the School of Business here.

The project coordinator from the School of Business will search for a suitable academic supervisor for the topic, but if one cannot be found or is unavailable, the project cannot be undertaken as a part of this concept. It is highly recommended that NGOs contact the coordinator as early as possible. 

The projects are free of charge for the NGO (excl. possible travel and other project-related expenses accrued by the student(s) which are always agreed in advance).

In this part you will find some detailed information and advices on projects. 

Partnership Programme for long-term collaboration

Aalto University’s School of Business has its own Partnership Programme to build and maintain close, long-term relations with companies. The programme is the only one of its kind in Finnish universities, and also connects the partners with the other Schools and fields at Aalto University.

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Partnership Program

More information

Annemari Rautio

Annemari Rautio

Senior Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Business
Jonna Söderholm

Jonna Söderholm

Head of External Relations, School of Business

Examples of recent NGO-projects

We will publish all articles written on NGO projects here. The articles are written by the project teams and approved by the NGO. 

Sininen Pallo event in Dipoli (Otaniemi, Espoo) on November 30th. Event host was Noora Yau, a doctoral candidate from the Aalto University School of Arts and Design. Picture: Sofia Suokko.
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