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Customized Student Business Projects

Contact us when you need bright minds to analyse and solve your challenges. We will tailor a student project according to your needs.
Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio
Photo: Aalto University/Unto Rautio

Customized Student Business Projects

  • The Customized Student Project concept was created to meet business needs.
  • The concept has a proven track record, as projects have been run successfully at the School of Business since 1993.
  • Project topics can be related to any subject that is taught or researched in Aalto University, as long as a relevant researcher is available to supervise the project
  • Customized project group:
    • Aalto University School of Business is responsible for recruiting and selecting the research group (2–4 senior students) for each project. The students are offered both study credits and a fee for the project.
    • Student groups are customized according to the project needs. The students can come from one or several fields of Aalto University, such as business, engineering and arts & design.
    • Each project is supervised by a researcher from Aalto University. The supervisor is compensated for the work.
  • The average project time is 3 months (+/-1 month)
  • Project kick-offs are customized according to company needs

Project fee for the company: 16.450 – 19.500€  (+VAT).  The project fee is used for three things: students salaries, supervisor salary and the organizing costs.

Important! There is one free annual project for the partner companies of the Aalto University School of Business. 

Partners of the School of Business are Alma Media, Deloitte, EY, Hilti, K Group, Konecranes, KPMG, OP, PwC. 

Read about a few examples of projects as well as feedback from company representatives, academic supervisors, and students from the past decades.

Examples of our projects

KPMG:n räätälöity projekti, tiimi koolla

Student project analyzed KPMG’s position in the rapidly growing Finnish consulting market

The study revealed that the consulting market has experienced exceptional growth over the past 5 years, with technology consulting leading the growth and making up most of the market

Räätälöity opiskelijaprojekti Hiltille, projektiryhmä päätöstapaamisessa

Students helped Hilti understand the financial decision-making of its customers

Hilti (Suomi) Oy and the School of Business joined forces to study the economic impact of Hilti's tool service and to improve the sales process of the service with the financial management of the client companies.

Räätälöity opiskelijaprojekti PwC:lle

Students helped PwC respond to increasing competition in Tax and Legal Services market

PwC Finland utilises the results of the study in its own strategy work

K-ryhmälle tehty projekti, Kauppakorkeakoulu

Students analysed the demand for K Group’s wellbeing services in three international markets

Customized student business project explored demand for K Group’s digital services related to wellbeing by analyzing market trends and consumer behavior

ABB Ability. ABB:n kuvapankki.

Outcome-based business models are an opportunity for growth at ABB

Student team explored the ins and outs of outcome-based models

Euroclear-tiimi Kauppakorkeakoulun opiskelijaprojektissa

Students helped Finland’s Central Securities Depository to research and combine fund industry information

The team learned a lot about the fund industry and the role of the central securities depository

KPMG:lle tehdyn yritysprojektin tiimi

Students carried out a project on workload distribution and profit optimization

School of Business and KPMG collaborated to transform traditional auditing practices

PwC:lle tehdyn opiskelijaprojektin projektitiimi

How do companies handle EU’s new sustainability regulations?

Two School of Business students examined Nordic firms for PwC Finland


Student project gave insight to Konecranes about young employee experience

The students found out that young employees have high preferences for continuous learning and development opportunities at work

Opiskelijoiden yritysprojektin tiimi, IKEA Oy

Student team developed the retention of IKEA Oy’s employees

‘We wanted to gain a better understanding of why employees leave this job.’

Alma Median projektitiimi, Aalto BIZ

Sustainability is an important part of digital housing services

In a business project for Alma Media, students mapped out digital housing services from the perspective of sustainable development

Ilmatieteen laitoksen projektitiimi

Students helped the Finnish Meteorological Institute develop its sustainability work

The content and working methods of the project could also be adapted agilely during the project according to newly identified needs

EY Legal -projektitiimi

A student team surveyed opportunities for a new operating model in EY legal services

The goal of the project was to observe the potential of new operating models in the legal services sector that has remained the same for a long time

Opiskelijaprojekti K-Autolle

Even better service for people who bought a used car from K-Auto

The goal of the student project was to reach new customer groups and develop the customer orientation

OP:lle tehdyn räätälöidyn opiskelijaprojektin ryhmä

The students’ research work gave Pohjola Insurance and OP Life Assurance companies an important overall insight to sustainable insurance business

Customers and investors are expecting insurers to undertake sustainability actions in all the business activities

Seminaari Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Roope Kiviranta

Project team identified business opportunities for Finnish companies in the energy sector in Portugal

The Portuguese energy market presents both short-term and long-term opportunities across various sectors

Räätälöity projektityö Postille, projektiryhmäläiset

Manage, Measure, and Reward: Nurturing a Culture of Innovation in Posti

Two students from the School of Business developed innovation management for Posti

Räätälöity projekti Hiltille, työryhmä
Finavia-projektin työryhmä, Aalto BIZ

Students helped Finavia to analyze the terminal logistics at Helsinki Airport

The unexpectedly rapid recovery of air travel has caused capacity issues

International Talent -työryhmä. Kuva: Tommi Vihervaara

Facilitating international students’ integration in the Finnish labor market through act early concept

International students can still face many challenges in acquiring a career start in Finland, but some of the problems can be solved.

Räätälöity opiskelijaprojekti Pohjola Vakuutukselle_projektitiimi

A student duo helped Pohjola Insurance map the preconditions for a digital insurance sales channel

The study focused on the needs of small business customers, for which the students sought fluid solutions from around the world.

Nainen ja mies huoltavat Konecranesin nosturia. Lähde: Konecranesin kuvapankki

School of Business students took on the recruitment challenges at Konecranes

‘Project results will be used to build, sharpen, and target our ongoing and future recruitment campaigns for technicians’

Laskentatoimen opiskelijat Jake Jyväsjärvi ja Altti Laitinen

Students investigated importance of recurring revenue streams in Alma Media's financial reporting

As a result, they produced a report on Recurring Revenue and Company Valuation

Hiltin projektitiimi

Two students helped Hilti Finland attract fresh Aalto graduates

A students’ perspective on recruitment marketing sets the bar high for future collaboration.

Kauppiksen opiskelijat ja Frank Martela

All the employees at Posti to see themselves as participants in the company’s story

Two students at the School of Business examined how early deliverers experience participation in the new strategy of Posti

Räätälöity opiskelijoiden yritysprojekti PwC:lle, työryhmä

Students reported for PwC on the impacts of new EU legislation on Finnish platform companies

A project commissioned by PwC examined the impact of regulations on the business models of platform economy operators and their capabilities to use data.

Iloinen nainen ja tabletti. Kuva: Kalle Kataila

Students discovered potential new business models for S Group’s online grocery business

The suggested business models can be applied to the online grocery store operations, says Chief Digital Officer, Retail eCommerce, of SOK.

Opiskelijaprojekti. Kuva: EY Panthenonin kuvapankki

Student project examines EY-Parthenon brand promotion work among students

The students used methods of brand research to illuminate how the EY-Parthenon brand looks in the eyes of students and how the company should communicate with students in the future.

Kauppiksen opiskelijat Jani Ignatius ja Kalle Ahola Kauppakorkeakoulun edessä
Kaksi naista K-ryhmän kaupan hevi-osastolla.

Students studied the motivation behind the purchase of affordable food products

‘The students could set up a two-person consultancy firm right away.’

Terveystuoli, asiakkaan sormessa tutkimuslaite. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen

How do millennials see the future of social welfare and healthcare services?

A student business project carried out for Deloitte produced fresh new ideas and insights.

Emotion Itäkeskus

Students developed a product portfolio optimization tool for SOK

According to the Sales Director of SOK, the outcomes of the project are significant for the company.

Postin lehdistökuva. Kuvan laitteet eivät liity opiskelijaprojektin uutiseen.

Students carried out mobile device user survey for Posti’s parcel drivers

The project also included investigation on how the digitalization of the working environment affects the employee experience of the drivers.

Projektitiimi Suomalaisen Työn Liitolle

A student team studied young people’s consumption, Finnishness and work

The project carried out for the Association for Finnish Work provided the student team with a versatile learning experience.

ABC-autopesu, opiskelijaprojekti S-ryhmälle

Students researched comprehensively the car wash business

Based on the project, S Group will continue to analyse its car wash markets.

Räätälöidyn opiskelijoiden yritysprojektin ryhmä, Case Alma Media

Students examined leadership at Alma Media

The project also surveyed employees' dedication to their work and emotional commitment to the organisation.

Opiskelijat kannettavan tietokoneen ääressä. Kuva: Unto Rautio / Aalto-yliopisto
Sähköauton lataustolppa. Kuva: Helen Oy:n kuvapankki

Students researched the electric vehicle charging market for Helen

The company also got ideas for business models and an analysis on how COVID-19 affects the market.

Helen Oy:n aurinkovoimala. Kuva: Helen Oy:n kuvapankki

Student project investigated new solar business models for Helen

The students impressed with their professionalism.

Helsinki Airport and the traffic control tower at night. Photo: Finavia Image bank

Students helped Finavia expand its knowledge on marketing in Russia

Two students collected, analysed and summarised the special features of marketing practices in Russia.

Opiskelijoiden yritysprojektin tiimi, PwC

Tax and law related applications of natural language processing (NLP) studied in a student project

PwC is considering collaboration with growth companies found through the project.

Posti lobby
Sähköautojen latauspaikka, monta autoa rinnakkain ladattavana

Student project researched new data based services for K-Auto

Students were quick to grasp the challenges of the previously unfamiliar sector.

Opiskelijat Eljas Pajamies ja Markus Nieminen (oik.) pitämässä tekoälytyöpajaa KPMG:llä

AI development is significantly impacting IT consulting

Students gave suggestions to KPMG consultants on how to make use of artificial intelligence.

Elisalle Oyj:lle yritysprojektin toteuttanut opiskelijatiimi

Thanks to eSIM tehnology, SIM cards are soon part of history

Student team worked on an eSIM & Brokering Connectivity Project for Elisa Oyj.

Accountorille räätälöidyn opiskelijaprojektin tiimi

Students examined automation possibilities available for financial administration software

Commissioned by Accountor, a set of metrics assessing software automation capabilities were created.

Opiskelijat kuvasivat videoita Postille, kuten oli projektin toimeksianto

A student team created and produced a recruitment video and social media videos for Posti Group

The students were praised for their flexibility and wealth of ideas in the project work.

EY:n edustajat, opiskelijat ja opiskelijaprojektin ohjaajat

Students identified digital tools to support data gathering and analysis at EY

The aim was to gain a better understanding at EY on current data gathering technology trends.

Konecranesin Hämeenlinnan tehdashalli

Konecranes became Premium Partner of School of Business

Cooperation was started with a student team taking a look into the current employee diversity situation at Konecranes.

Ruoka-annos, joka kuvittaa juttua opiskelijaprojektista, joka tehtiin S-Ryhmälle.

Students helped S Group develop its employer image

S Group aims to make job opportunities offered by the company more appealing to chef students.

Porvoon Taidetehtaalle tehdyn projektin projektitiimi

Student team examined the impact of Cultural Centre Art Factory on Porvoo City

The project continued the tailor-made student projects completed in 2013 and 2015.

Ari Svensk and Hayde Furubacka from K Group (on the left), students Jaakko Otto Swan and Esa Immonen and on the right Academic Advisor Mikko Hänninen.

Kesko's Private Label strategy was analysed in a student project

The project was carried out in response to efforts from Kesko to enhance their own Private Label strategy.

Kuvassa Stora Ensolle tehdyn opiskelijaprojektin työryhmä.

Significant optimization potential found for Stora Enso in a student project

A tool was developed as a customised student project to optimize material flows in a network.

Customized Student Business Project KPMG, project group

Digitalisation of financial administration racing ahead for SMEs

Students gave their opinions on how KPMG should operate in the midst of these rapid changes.

Kuvituskuva Fazer Food Servicesille tehtyyn yritysprojektiin

A customer feedback system was developed for Fazer Food Services in a student project

According to the research manager at Fazer, the project is a good starting point for wider cooperation.

Lux Helsinki, Ateneum Art Museum. Photo: Lauri Rotko

Lux Helsinki to become the most sustainable light art festival in Europe by 2020?

Students developed a measurement system tailored to light art festivals and a collaboration platform.

S Group head office "Ässäkeskus" is located in Helsinki. Photo: Nina Kaverinen

Student project brings S Group information on sustainability in online retailing

Students also praised for positive attitude and independent approach to work.


Students assessed the information flow on chemical safety

The European Chemicals Agency was satisfied with the results and is planning to commission a continuation for the project.

Räätälöity yritysprojekti Elisa, projektiryhmä

Student business project explores the digital service environment of micro-enterprises

The results are already utilized by Elisa in business development projects.


Students researched digital learning possibilities with Finnair

The project gave Finnair also more understanding especially on user expectations.


Virtual and augmented reality in real estate business was researched in a project with Nokia

"I was very impressed with the Aalto students' professionalism and the results they were able to accomplis"

The project team consisted of Iina Taskinen, Liisa Yli-Ojanperä and Sini Olkanen.

Students developed internal communications for Sokos and Emotion chains

The project resulted in an action plan to improve internal communications.


Benefits of Customized Student Business Projects

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