Aalto cloud email - frequently asked questions

Here you can read frequently asked questions related to cloud email.

How do I know that my email has been migrated to the cloud?

Sign in to If you find the Outlook icon and can use your email, your email has been migrated to the cloud.

Spam filtering of the cloud email

The spam filtering of the cloud email is not similar to our own filtering. You have to check your Junk-mail folder now and then and mark these false-positive messages valid. You can report to Microsoft, too.

  • Go to the Junk Email folder and find the message that was incorrectly marked as spam.
  • Right-click the message, find Junk, and click "Not Junk"

Do I have to use Microsoft Outlook app on my phone?

Yes, if you like to read your email on your phone. Aalto email for your phone (iPhone and Android)

Why couldn't I use Microsoft outlook app before?

This was forbidden in on-premise email due to security reasons. Now it's only allowed client to read work email in the cloud because of security reasons. If you use other clients you put other email in danger.

Why I cannot send email from my resource mailbox with Outlook?

If your resource mailbox is not yet transferred to the cloud mail, the only way to send mail from it is using webmail. 

Open the mailbox with its direct Webmail address

e.g.[email protected]


When will our resource mailbox move to cloud mail?

Resource mailboxes are transferred to cloud mail on a schedule. You can request an accelerated migration of your resource mailbox from the IT Service Desk ( or [email protected])

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Aalto cloud email

Aalto is switching to cloud email (Microsoft 365). Here are the instructions on how you need to act when the migration of your email has been scheduled, how to bring all your contacts from Outlook to your mobile phone and how you can deploy cloud email using the self-service migration.

Aalto email for your phone (iPhone and Android)

Instructions for specifying an email account in your phone (iPhone and Android).

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