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Credit plan (Sisu) for doctoral students

Practical instructions for creating and updating doctoral student's credit plan in Sisu.

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Why do I need a credit plan? 

Credit plan (called simply study plan in Sisu) enables study planning, registration for courses and is the basis for composition and printing the degree certificate and for graduation. You register for teaching in Sisu. Graduation requests are submitted via Sisu. You need to create make credit plan in Sisu first even if your study plan would have been confirmed and courses completed earlier. 

The degree certificate is formed on the basis of the credit plan, so it is not possible to apply for graduation without a  one in Sisu.

How to create a credit plan?

  1. Log in to Sisu at
  2. Open Structure of studiesat the top of the page.
  3. Create a new credit plan
  • Create the new study plan by clicking the New study planbutton.
  • Choose your doctoral programme under My educations.
  • You can choose from the existing educations you have study right to
  • Curriculum period: check the start date of your doctoral study right in Sisu (under My profile > Study rights > Your doctoral programme > Start date) and choose the academic year in which you started.
    • If you started in spring 2018, choose 2017-2018. If you have started before 1.8.2013, please contact:[email protected]
    • If you have started several years ago and have changed your research field or transferred to a new degree structure, choose the academic year in which the change took place.
  • You can name your plan as you like.

How to add content and ask for approval & confirmation?

If you are at the start of your doctoral studies, please follow A. Instructions for new students.

If you have already taken courses at Aalto University, please follow B. Instructions for students who have already completed courses.

If you have both licentiate and doctoral study right

Graduation request

You can apply for graduation in Sisu after your credit plan has been confirmed. Check that all the modules are marked “completed” or “selections approved”.

Graduation is requested via the credit plan, please see the instructions:Request for graduation

Additional instructions for credit plan features

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