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A selection of past events organized or supported by Online Hybrid Lab.


Events organised by Online Hybrid Lab in 2024: 

Taija Votkin showing 360 camera use and Tomi Kauppinen and Jutta Tavaila recording a podcast episode

Training workshops for teachers: 360° environments and podcasts

Kick off Summer with hands-on workshops around 360° environments and podcasts. The day consists of two separate workshops so you can choose to join one or both according to your schedule and interests. Welcome to learn while doing!

The main building of Instituto Superior Técnico and the Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab team walking towards it

Creating engaging online learning experiences - Training for the faculty of Insituto Superior Técnico

Online Hybrid Lab facilitated a training for the educators of ULisboa around online education tools like 360 environments, podcasts and AR.

Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab
Blue background, simply drawn figures interacting with digital spaces and online educational tools

Teachers’ coffee: let's talk about online learning opportunities

Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab invites you to discuss how online materials could help with challenges that we repeatedly encounter in teaching at the university. In this midday coffee session we lead the discussion by showcasing some examples of hybrid learning methods and cases from technical fields.

Yellow background, simply drawn figures interacting with digital spaces and online educational tools // Yellow ARTS, Green BIZ

Teachers’ afternoon coffee: let’s talk about online learning opportunities

Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab invites you to discuss how online materials could help with challenges that we repeatedly encounter in teaching at the university. How could courses be more accessible, flexible and effective for both students and teachers?



Events organised by Online Hybrid Lab in 2023: 

360-camera operated by Sofia Sevon and Taija Votkin in the Learning centre, photo by Valeria Azovskaya 2022

Accessibility in virtual environments

How can you make sure that your virtual environment is accessible for all your users?
Dr. Gottfried Zimmermann, professor of Mobile User Interaction at Stuttgart Media University, will run two workshops for Aalto University members on accessibility in 360° virtual environments.

Incremental Sheet Forming_Prof. Silva

Incremental Sheet Forming, contents and pedagogical approaches for online teaching & learning by Prof. Beartiz Silva

The webinar focus is the application of Incremental Forming of metals and polymers, including the variants of the process, formability, modelling and applications. We also will discuss online teaching and learning aspects of such processes.

Connected Learners_online webinar cover for OHL DigiEduHack_by Valeria Azovskaya

Connected Learners: Online Hybrid Lab webinar

Join the online webinar to learn about the Global DigiEduHack challenge we prepared for you: learn more about our core topic, meet likeminded people and ask questions!

DigiEduHack welcome banner for the 2023 edition

DigiEduHack is here again: prepare your challenge or apply as a participant!

DigiEduHack is an EU initiative that aims to foster grassroots innovation, collaboration and creativity and to drive positive change in digital education. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute to the future of digital education.

Design Education Across Disciplines book, Photo by Valeria Azovskaya, 2023

Design Education Across Disciplines: the new book from Aalto University experts has been published!

The new book by Miikka J. Lehtonen, Tomi Kauppinen and Laura Sivula shares and discusses a diverse range of inclusive methods for how design engages learners.

A construction site of the tram stop near Väre building in Otaniemi campus_photo by Mikko Raskinen, winter 2022.

Accessibility guidelines for 360° learning spaces in 3DVista

360° online learning environments that built in 3DVista might be challenging to access for people with some health conditions or impairments. These guidelines support authors in getting the best from the platform as of today.

Illustration of human figures climbing stairs to clouds on blue background. / illustration: Lisa Staudinger

Cloud Reachers: podcast on future of learning

The Cloud Reachers podcast tackles future learning with experts from different fields from the perspective of both teachers and learners. Join the conversation and discover how we can transform learning together!


Events we participated in:

Symposium of Digital Accessibility in Higher Education, 11.1.2023

Hybrid symposium of Digital Accessibility. For everyone working on the application of the Finnish Act on the Provision of Digital Services in universities. 

FDG '23 Conference: workshop on Prototyping Games, 11-14.4.2023

Participants from the Online Hybrid Lab presented insights into the development of academic games for the FDG Conference in Portugal.

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Events organised by Online Hybrid Lab in 2022: 

Photo of ticket to ride board game by dave photoz from unsplash

Educational game production: introduction, ideation and first steps workshop

This workshop gives you foundational knowledge about key perspectives on games in education and educational games. It provides an introduction to Aalto Online Learning: Online Hybrid Lab’s Game Production Pipeline - a supportive framework for educators looking to explore educational games.

VR Hub Session

For teachers: Engaging Virtual Spaces

In this kick-off session for the Unite! pedagogical trainings we will discuss and ideate engaging virtual spaces that support collaborative, creative and communicative learning. You will also get a short glimpse of the other trainings coming up in spring 2022.

Image from https://onlinelearning.aalto.fi. Represents the 360 content creation.

Integrating VR and other 360 degree content into courses

In this workshop we will take an action-oriented approach on integrating VR / 360 content into your courses! Join us if you would like to hear about pedagogical aspects of 360° content implementation and discuss issues related to the content development.


Events we participate in 2022:

Netværkskonferencen, online conference, 12.5.2022

David Derichs presents the keynote '360-degree video cases'. Read more about event here. The presentation will specifically address how he use technology (360 images / VR) to bring context – an important lever for learner inclusion engagement – to online or hybrid educational settings for efficient and effective learning.

The 21st Language Centre Days. Vaasa, Finland, 18. - 19.5.2022

Sofia Sevón and Taija Votkin presents 'Becoming 360° Savvy - a Guide for Teachers'. Read more about event here.

HEAD'22 Conference. Valencia, Spain, 15. - 17.6.2022

Our colleague and postdoctoral researcher Ylva Grufstedt will present a paper to describe the new Game Production Pipeline (GPP) developed in the Aalto University. The paper describes our effort to assist and guide educators in making educational games within higher education.
The GPP is now being used to develop 3 educational games to be launched within this summer. The paper will be available at the HEAD'22 website after the conference is over.

EDULEARN 22. Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 4. - 6.7.2022

Taija Votkin and Tomi Kauppinen presents the keynote 'Creating a Production Pipeline for 360 Learning Environments'. Read more about event here.

Lifewide learning event for faculty and staff, 15.12.2022

This is a strategic planning event of lifewide learning at Aalto University.

At the event we could hear is happening in the field of lifewide learning in Aalto and what plans we have for the future. The speakers will present the lifewide learning strategy and goals as well as actions through selected learning cases. Digivisio 2030 programme which involves all Finnish higher education institutions will be presented as well. See the program here.

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