Lifewide learning event for faculty and staff

You are warmly welcome to our first ever lifewide learning event on 15 December. Our speakers will present the lifewide learning strategy and goals in Aalto University as well as actions through selected learning cases.
Lifewide learner at Dipoli / Unto Rautio

Strategic planning of lifewide learning at Aalto

You might have heard about lifewide learning but what does it actually mean in Aalto University?

Come hear about what is happening in the field of lifewide learning in Aalto and what plans we have for the future. Our speakers will present the lifewide learning strategy and goals as well as actions through selected learning cases. We will also hear about Digivisio 2030 programme which involves all Finnish higher education institutions.

The event is meant especially for the teaching staff but everyone in Aalto interested in the topic is also welcome to attend (in the limits of the maximum amount of guests).


14:00–14:15 Warm beverages & networking

14:15–14:25 Welcome words
Petri Suomala, Vice President for Education, Aalto University

14:25–14:55 Lifewide learning strategy
Tom Lindholm, Head of Lifewide learning at Aalto University and managing director of Aalto University Executive Education Ltd 
Hanna-Riikka Myllymäki, Director, Lifewide learning development and partnerships at Aalto University Executive Education Ltd

14:55–15:10 Marketing actions 2023
Helena Vannas, Marketing and communications manager, Lifewide learning, Aalto University

15:10–15:25 Case: SECLE procurement for hydrogen education
Katri Ventus, COO, FITech

15:25–15:40 Case: ACCESS & First Time Manager
Jari Ylitalo, University lecturer, Aalto University

15:40–15:55 Digivisio 2030: Non-formal lifewide learning offering
Laura Sivula, Business area director, Aalto ACCESS
Kiti Kainulainen, Aalto's pilot coordinator for the Digivisio 2030 project

Maximum amount of attendees is 50 persons. Unfortunately it is not possible to join the event online.

Further information

Lifewide learning team

Lifewide learning content

Aalto University develops informal lifewide learning offerings as a part of the Digivisio 2030 programme

Aalto University participates in Digivisio 2030 early-stage pilot and develops its informal learning offering.

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